Week 8 Power Rankings

There really does seem to be a lack of teams wanting to win the Superbowl this year, so lets take a look at where I’ve ranked them.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

I take back what I said last week. Clearly the worst team in the league.

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team seems to have some great players, but they are not getting the most from them. In desperate need of a coaching change.

30) Minnesota Vikings

Bad start for Freeman. This team seems to be struggling mightily.

29) New York Giants

Good win for this teamas the Defence finally stepped up. Maybe they’re on the up.

28) Oakland Raiders

All the pieces for a great team in the future, but its not going to happen this year.

27) St Louis Rams

Bradford now out for the season and I wanted to see how they did without him before I move them down.

26) Arizona Cardinals

Palmer slipping, feels like the same Cardinals team of the last couple of years.

25) Cleveland Browns

Defence slipped this weekend which is very much their strong point. Could still make the playoffs…maybe.

24) Philadelphia Eagles

So Vick is the QB now, right?

23) Washington Redskins

RGIII getting better with every game. If the run game can look as good against a decent Defence, they move up.

22) New York Jets

Up and down still. However beating the Patriots doesn’t go unnoticed, keep it up.

21) Atlanta Falcons

Proved they can atleast still beat the bad teams, which might see them challenging for a Wild Card.

20) Buffalo Bills

Thad Lewis really pulling this team together. Defence continues to look good.

19) Pittsburgh Steelers

Huge jump for the Steelers. Much better run game, much better through the air and the D is making some stops.

18) Houston Texans

If the reports are true that Schaub could be back in I might be moving this team down/

17) Miami Dolphins

Silly mistakes are costing this team. Sure them up, they move up.

16) Carolina Panthers

Team really pulling it together. Great Defence

15) Tennessee Titans

Should be better with Locker and Greene back. Run game is awful. But Defence still looks pretty good. Could move down this, if results keep slipping.

14) Baltimore Ravens

Another awful run game. Flacco is making plays, but not enough to put them in playoff contention.

13) Chicago Bears

Cutler and Briggs out for at least 4 weeks. This team moves down.

12) Detroit Lions

Could easily make the play-offs this year if they keep playing like they have been.

11) San Diego Chargers

Cursed to be in the same Division as the Chiefs and the Broncos, otherwise they’re a sure fire play-off team.

10) Cincinnati Bengals

A great team that is beginning to find their form behind Andy Dalton.

9) Dallas Cowboys

The Defence stepped up in a big way, expect this team to get much better.

8) Indianapolis Colts

This team is confusing me, but I do know one thing. Andrew Luck is amazing.

7) Denver Broncos

I had to move them down. For the first time they looked beatable.

6) New Orleans Saints

Hopefully post bye week they’ve learned from the mistakes they made at the Patriots. Still league contenders.

5)New England Patriots

Despite some stupid mistakes, I think they iron them out and make a Superbowl run.

4) San Francisco 49ers

Could be higher after their performance against the Titans.

3)Seattle Seahawks

Consistently looking better than their opponent on top of winning games.

2) Kansas City Chiefs

I can’t not have them high up…they’re unbeaten. I do think they struggle in the Play-offs though.

1) Green Bay Packers

Maybe a little premature, but I do see greatness in this team.


So thats Power Rankings done. See you very soon.