Week 9 Picks

Last week through general craziness there were no Picks… So we will forget it happened (with the exception of all of the awesome stuff that happened) and move on to week 9.


The Standings are:

Dan: 3

Duncan: 3

Jon: 3

Charlie: 0

This week we will proceeding without Jon who is busy working on another Gridiron Gentlemen related project. So lets look at the games.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins

Tough game here for the Dolphins. The Bengals have been making teams pay for making mistakes in recent weeks. The Dolphins…they’ve made a lot of mistakes, but maybe a Halloween prime time game will turn their fortunes around.

Dan: Bengals Win

Duncan: Bengals Win

Charlie: Bengals Win

Kansas City Chiefs @Buffalo Bills

The Chiefs are currently undefeated and have exceeded all expectations for the season. The Bills…well the Bills have had issues, there is no doubt about it,  but they have given a number of premium teams a run for their money.

Dan: Chiefs Win

Duncan: Chiefs Win

Charlie: Chiefs Win

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers

At the start of the season this would have been an easy win for the Falcons. Now it looks like the Panthers might take it as they attempt to continue their run.

Dan: Panthers Win

Duncan: Panthers Win

Charlie:Falcons Win

Minnesota Vikings @ Dallas Cowboys

The Vikings have been consistently terrible this season with a QB Carousel that has made everyone dizzy. The Cowboys have been very good at finding ways to lose. But this should be a cake walk.

Dan: Cowboys Win

Duncan: Cowboys Win

Charlie: Cowboys Win

New Orleans Saints @ New York Jets

Good Jets, Bad Jets. Probably irrelevant against this amazing Saints team.

Dan: Sains Win

Duncan: Saints Win

Charlie: Saints Win

Tennessee Titans @ St Louis Rams

Two teams looking to re-find form. The Titans had a much needed Bye Week and the Rams had a good showing against the Seahawks.

Dan: Titans Win

Duncan: Titans Win

Charlie: Titans Win

San Diego Chargers @ Washington

Once again who would have thought that Phil Rivers would be the in form QB in this one. This could get very one sided very quickly.

Dan: Chargers Win

Duncan: Chargers Win

Charlie: Redskins Win

Philadelphia Eagles @ Oakland Raiders

The Eagles have Foles back in, the Raiders are on form. Could be a good game here.

Dan: Raiders Win

Duncan: Raiders Win

Charlie: Eagles Win

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Seattle Seahawks

One of the worst teams in the league play one of the best at one of the most inhospitable venues for an away team.

Dan: Seahawks Win

Duncan: Seahawks Win

Charlie: Seahawks Win

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

A close divisional game here between 2 under achievers. Never the less though, it should be a good game.

Dan: Browns Win

Duncan: Browns Win

Charlie: Ravens Win

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots

The Steelers have been playing better and actually could win this. That being said the Patriots tend to eek out these results.

Dan: Patriots Win

Duncan: Patriots WIn

Charlie: Patriots Win

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans

This has potential to be an upset if Case Keenum can get the Offence together.

Dan: Colts Win

Duncan: Colts Win

Charlie: Colts Win

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

The heroic Chicago Bears go up against a devious Packers team that has brainwashed me to put them atop my power rankings (honest, thats why). Well thats the view from a Bears fan.

Dan: urgh Packers Win.

Duncan: Packers Win.

Charlie: Packers Win

and thats another week sorted. Hit us up with your opinions and questions.