Week 9 Power Rankings

We’ve reached the half-way point and at the end of this week we will have watched more Regular Season American Football than we will have to watch *sniff*, keep it together Dan…

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

Consistent. But terrible there is signs of life, but still the worst team in the league.

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The difference between this team and the Jags is minute. I could have easily swapped them round

30) Minnesota Vikings

This team is a huge mess. If you can’t win at least a few games with one of the best Running Backs of all time. You have a problem.

29) New York Giants

Despite 2 wins, I’m still not convinced they are any good. The do have a much improved Defence however.

28) Pittsburgh Steelers

I think I might have this team a little low but they did still lose against the Raiders. I guess we’ll see how they do against the Patriots.

27) Atlanta Falcons

Injuries have destroyed this team and it looks like it might be irreparable.

26) St Louis Rams

If not for a valiant effort against the Seahawks this team would be a lot lower.

25) Washington Redskins

RGIII just doesn’t look the same as he did last season. Also allowing a team back in, in such a spectacular way as they did against the Broncos, then they stay low on this list.

24) Philadelphia Eagles

Apparently Foles is in this week, but I do still think this team is at least a season away.

23) Houston Texans

I don’t know what to do with this team, but there is every chance they could be worse than no. 23.

22) Cleveland Browns

Still way too high on this team. I do however feel if they get the Defence playing well again and keep Jason Campbell in they could win a few.

21) New York Jets

Up and down, up and down, up and down.

20) Buffalo Bills

I like Thad Lewis, but this team seem unable to get over the hump that is a W.

19) Oakland Raiders

I really like this team. They have a great Defence and Pryor always gives them a chance to win games.

18) Arizona Cardinals

When Carson Palmer plays above average this team can really get it together. The Defence however is the strong point for this team, in particular the Secondary.

17) Miami Dolphins

This team is exceptionally talented but they cannot stop themselves from making stupid mistakes. I would imagine this team moves lower down the list.

16) Tennessee Titans

A Bye week might see this team put a decent run together now Locker and Greene are back. But there is always the chance Locker drops down the list.

15) Baltimore Ravens

I want to move this team lower, but I look at the roster and I can’t bring myself to do it. I think Flacco comes back in a big way this week.

14) Chicago Bears

They will undoubtedly be moving down the list this week, but I do think they get better when Briggs and Cutler recover from their injuries.

13) Carolina Panthers

A deserved bump up the list as they seem to have found the winning formula. Cam is playing exceptionally and the front 7 continues to impress.

12) San Diego Chargers

Possibly the biggest surprise of the season so far. Rivers is having an unreal season. Here’s a thought. Did they have the best draft last year?

11) Detroit Lions

Yup below the Cowboys, if only because I think that game could have gone either way. Make no mistakes though; this team could do very well if they make the play-offs.

10) Dallas Cowboys

Something needs to be done on Defence. I actually think the Offence is pretty much there.

9) New England Patriots

Oh Tom I want to believe. Play a belter this week and I’ll move you up.

8) Indianapolis Colts

If they can get some consistency with this Defence then I might consider moving them even higher.

7) Seattle Seahawks

I’ve moved them down because sometimes they make some of these wins against reasonably easy competition look hard. When looking at Wilson as an elite QB, compare what he has to work with to what Brady has to work with…yeah.

6) Cincinnati Bengals

Playing out of their skin at the moment. I should probably have them higher, but I want to see if this will be a consistently great team.

5) Kansas City Chiefs

Speaking of consistent…Yeah this team is outstanding. Still not sure they go any further than the play-offs, but during the regular season they have been fantastic.

4) Denver Broncos

The Defence answered a few questions this week when they nearly killed RGIII. Some worrying turnovers from Manning, but not enough for it to be a worry.

3) New Orleans Saints

3 NFC teams at top and in truth I think they’re fairly interchangeable. That being said I think the 2 teams above beat this one.

2) San Francisco 49ers

Yes it was just a win against the Jags, but it was how they won the game that impressed me. I think this team might be getting hot at the right time.

1) Green Bay Packers

Yes they are no. 1. I hate myself but I just think they are currently doing everything well.