What the Gents Want From the Draft

The draft to NFL fans is like an oasis in a desert, that we’ve been trapped in for 3 months. With that in mind we sat down at the Gents clubhouse and listed all the things we’d like to see in tonight’s proceedings, you know, maybe a completely positive post on something we’re all quite excited about.

What we’ll do with this is simply separate what we want to see by the individual gent and give each point a little explanation.

Let’s get this started.


James (freshly released from the Gent’s Cellar)

Each One of The Top Teams That Traded Down Gets a Steal: With various trade shenanigans, the 2 teams that have traded down could end up with a player that should have been a top 5 pick. Some Mock Drafts (and although I indulged in one myself, I don’t actually hold much stock in them), have Tunsil falling in favour of Ronnie Stanley… there is a legitimate chance that the Browns could end up with the previously no. 1 rated pick of the draft. Equally Myles Jack has hit a free fall on a number of mock drafts thanks to serious questions about knee. There is a chance that a top 5 player could fall into the Titans lap, making the moves down the draft look pretty sensible…

Speaking of Sensible…

The Draft to Play Out Exactly as We Thought It Would Before We All Started Overthinking Things: The gap between free agency cooling down and the draft, generally lacks much in the way of interesting news. As a result we all start overthinking things. Like the countless articles that have Ronnie Stanley going before Laremy Tunsil seem ridiculous to me. We had a discussion the other day about draft “wild speculation” and that aside from the trades, the mock drafts of a month and a half ago actually seem more relevant than the ones that have been clearly influenced by endless pieces full of speculation and ignoring the reality of situations… Paxton Lynch for example is not a top 5 pick.

Nkemdiche Becomes a Raider: Robert Nkemdiche has vowed to buy a domesticated Panther when he gets signed… Raider.



Please Grigson… Don’t Mess This Up: This is simple. I just want a sensible Colts pick. Any help in the trenches would be nice. If a decent O-lineman drops to 18, then they’ve got to pick them. Seriously Grigson, the time is now!

A Celebrity Picking for the Jags: Duncan would like Ed Balls to make a selection for the Jacksonville Jaguars… Clearly on board fully with #EdBallsDay


Dylan’s gone full on best case scenario…


Everyone Gets Who They Want: Pretty self-explanatory. Every team goes into the draft and picks up the exact player they want. Everyone’s happy and all the players are happy… well except who’s heading to the Browns.

Ragland Falls to The Packers: In the mock draft Dylan was lucky enough to pick up Reggie Ragland as he (in my opinion), plummeted into the Packers hands. Personally I had the Falcons picking him, but stories of his low wonderlic test could see him fall a little… If people actually pay attention to them.


Trades! Last year we set ourselves up for some huge trades and we got hardly any. This year despite there being 2 blockbuster trades already, there are rumblings about another couple of moves that could happen, with the Chargers potentially moving out of 3 and teams who are interested in Ezekiel Elliott thinking they might need to move up to get him. Which leads me to my next point.

Please Don’t Take Elliott, Chicago: I have no doubts about the running backs ability, but the Bears need to address the defence. For me either Hargreaves or Floyd would be a solid pick and I wouldn’t even mind moving up a couple of spots to take the former. Elliott would be a luxury pick they can’t afford.

Big Wins For The Little Guys: When the inevitable stream of draft winners and losers comes out in a few days’ time, I’d like 2 names to sit at the top. The Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns. I personally haven’t ruled out the possibility of either of them moving back up at a fraction of the draft picks they gained in the big trades with the Eagles and Rams, only to take the player they would have picked at 1 or 2, especially with the Chargers being seemingly desperate to move out of number 3. It’s make or break time for these teams and as much as I criticise both these teams, I’d love to say them have a good draft. Same goes obviously to a lesser extent with the Jags and the Raiders.

Anyway, that’s it. The draft is nearly upon us so take a long sip of the cooling waters, before we set back off into the desert of the off season till September.

We’ll be online all night so hit us up with any thoughts!