A Rookie's Fantasy: Getting involved to go the distance

We have had the first two weeks of fiery encounters of the pre-season games, all over and finished before we know it. In this final diatribe I will share my view of Fantasy and some points on how to do well. I will also tell you again how to GET INVOLVED in the Gridiron Gentlemen Fantasy league.

I was going to start discussing players in fantasy terms but realised this may be premature considering the number of changes throughout the games and how much could be discussed with very little meaning for the fantasy season. So I will stick with how to play throughout the season.


To start with a little disclaimer: I have only played one season, I am no expert and so what I lay down here in verse is not law and will not guarantee winning the league or super bowl.

After all I lost in the superbowl and finished 3rd in the league. But I know some of the mistakes I made and feel I did well for a rookie.


To get involved with the Gridiron League, just email hellochaps@gridirongentlemen.com with your name and subject of “Gridiron League” or “League of Gridiron Gentlemen”.


Initially, do not worry too much about your picks in the draft, if you feel you have made a mistake. These can always be changed. My first point is to try and stay on top of the news and how well players do each game. In a way this is what I will try and do with the pre-season, to look how well players score in fantasy terms. But check out each game (especially how well your players did) and then look at reviews for future match ups. Consistency is really the key here. Use as many websites you like (especially www.gridirongentlemen.com) for information on who is playing well, but on www.nfl.com/fantasy you will be able to get full predicted scores as well as thoughts on who will do well.


And that leads me to my second though related point. Do your numerical research. See who has been scoring consistently well. Consistency is really the key here. Use as many websites you like (especially www.gridirongentlemen.com) for information on who is playing well, but on www.nfl.com/fantasy you will be able to get full predicted scores for each week as well as thoughts on who will do well in fantasy point terms. Many experts will say “so and so will be good point scorer”, be wary of listening to them. Really go on previous points scored and try and judge the variability (of course I will be trying to help with highlighting consistency0. Every player will have really good games or a really poor game. What you want is a player whose average game is still a high point score. This does vary with position admittedly and of course the team the player is with but good consistent players will shine through. It will take a few weeks to really spot the gem players but do not worry, if you have an off and on start you can turn this around (I did after all).


So onto my third related point, do not be afraid of chopping and changing regularly. Keep an eye on players in other teams and also players available on the waiver wire. Last season I kept only a few players all the way through. They were Cam Newton (QB), Benjarvis Green-Ellis (RB) and Brandon Marshall (WR). I did not play them every week but I did keep them (and with not playing Newton some weeks that was a mistake). If you have a good player, play them every week. The position to switch regularly is your kicker and your defence. Admittedly if you have a good defence then keep them (such as the Broncos, Seahawks or Bears). I was notorious for my kicker addiction but I liked how many points a kicker could get you sometimes. In chopping and changing, the waiver wire is the place to keep an eye on, especially FA, free agents. But don’t be afraid to trade. I picked up Alfred Morris who became a points gold mine. Be careful of the trade though because as a rookie, you are vulnerable to more experienced league player or to people who have followed football for a while taking advantage of you. Never accept a kicker for a trade. Just never trade kickers (this really should be a golden rule, but at least the other Gentlemen will approve of this statement). This point is quite a long missive and so I will finish it by saying that it is useful to keep a space on your bench so you can pick up players quickly without having to worry straight a way about dropping anybody.


The bench is the fourth point (amongst many it seems). This is slightly associated with the draft but do make sure you have a reasonably good QB on the bench to cover for your main QB’s bye week. In a similar vein it is good to have a few good players such as two RBs and two WRs on the bench. This is not just in case your main players are not doing so well, to cover your top squads bye weeks or in case they get injured, but for a bit of devious tactics (or tic-tacs). If you have some good scorers then other people don’t and therefore you deny other teams from potentially scoring well. Saying that if they are scoring that well make sure you play the best players! Last season one team had Andrew Luck sat on the bench (probably should have played him more) and just refused to trade (admittedly with me and much good it did his team!).


In summary, just pay attention to your team, what is happening elsewhere in your league and what players are available and who are most consistent. It does not matter if the players team is rubbish just that they play well.


Of course you now want to give it a go. So send an email with the subject “Gridiron League” or “League of Gridiron Gentlemen” along with your name and then details on how to join will be sent to you!


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