Best Bets: Week 12

So it is Thanksgiving week. What am I thankful for? Being able to pick teams that almost entirely shutdown opposing offences for three quarters (OR 56 MINUTES! I’M LOOKING AT YOU JEFF!) before blowing a lead.

Anyway, on to this week’s picks.

Ravens -4 vs Bengals

The Bengals season is done. With no A.J. Green that basically have nothing. With him it was going to be a struggle to do anything. Without him they may as well not even show up.

The Ravens are a good team. They obviously have some flaws but they should have more than enough to see off this Bengals team.

In Cincinnati the Bengals may have a chance. In Baltimore, I just can’t see it. More than happy to give up a few points here.


Panthers +3 @ Raiders

The Raiders struggled on Monday night in Mexico and I can see that carrying into this game. They are coming off a short week against a team that absolutely needs to win this one.

The Panthers are still a good team, even if they haven’t always showed it this week. They get the win here and get right back into things in the NFC south.

I think this is a down game for Derek Carr and could be a big game for the Panthers by the time we get to the end of the season.


Eagles -4 vs Packers

I’ve picked against the Packers for the last three weeks with success and the Eagles can continue that this week. If the name of the team wasn’t the Green Bay Packers, they would be a much bigger underdog than this. They have been pretty awful recently and I feel like their season is pretty much done. Mike McCarthy is on his way out and there are no signs that they can turn things around.

The Eagles are a good team. They may have lost convincingly to the Seahawks, but that doesn’t worry me when picking them here.