The Gridiron Gentlemen’s Super Fun Prediction League: Week 12

Thanksgiving already?! Where on earth is the season going people? It seems like just last week we were being wildly optimistic and incredibly inaccurate with some of our pre-season predictions.

Actually, speaking of inaccurate predictions…

It’s been a difficult season to predict so far in fairness, several teams not quite rolling how we expected them to (we’re looking at you Pittsburgh and Jacksonville) and, as is always the case in the NFL, plenty of results that raise the odd eyebrow. So here we are. The end of the third quarter and the season’s scores look like this:

James: 89-58

Dave: 86-61

Duncan: 84-63

Simon: 83-64

Dan: 83-64

Even the bottom of that leaderboard would make Jeff Fisher grin with glee. 0.565 is solid “fringes of the WildCard chase” territory. So is there anything from Week 12 that suggests the gap can be closed on James? Lets take a look.

Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

The Thanksgiving triple header this week, and it’s a fair line up of some potentially close games. Well, two of them anyway…

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave Dylan
Vikings Lions Vikings Lions Vikings  Vikings
21-14 21-20 24-17  17-10 17-14  24-21

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys

This one might well be the game of the week.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Cowboys Cowboys Redskins Cowboys Cowboys  Cowboys
31-30 33-30 27-24 34-28 OT 35-21  34-31

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Indianapolis Colts

This one probably won’t be however.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave Dylan
Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers  Steelers
37-6 42-9 34-10 51-4 33-7  47-13

So with Thursday Night’s feast digested, it’s on to the weekend’s match-ups.

Tennessee Titans @ Chicago Bears

Can the Bears make it through an entire game without losing any more players to injury?

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Titans Titans Titans Titans Titans  Titans
21-6 35-10 41-9 31-0 28-7  27-6

Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons

This will either be a shoot-out or a shut-out. We’re all hoping for the former.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons  Falcons
35-16 38-35 28-20 31-17 21-17  35-19

New York Giants @ Cleveland Browns

It’s Cleveland. No.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants  Giants
31-10 28-13 31-13 27-14 38-9  31-12

San Diego Chargers @ Houston Texans

Can the Texans home record do it again, or will the Chargers turn up armed with laser pointers?

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Chargers Chargers Texans Chargers Chargers  Texans
35-17 27-20 27-21 28-21 17-14  19-16

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

No AJ Green. Is there a next man up candidate for the Bengals at the moment? We’re not holding out much hope.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave Dylan
Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens  Ravens
21-17 24-16 28-17 28-7 21-7  22-12

Seattle Seahawks @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2nd highest pass catcher on the day for the Buccaneers could be Richard Sherman.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks  Seahawks
38-13 38-19 35-10 31-7 38-14  41-16

New England Patriots @ New York Jets

The Patriots are chasing the Raiders for the No.1 seed in the AFC. Look out Jets fans!

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots  Patriots
24-7 28-17 31-14 38-10 45-7  28-20

Carolina Panthers @ Oakland Raiders

The Panthers had all their momentum stolen from them with the loss of Kuechly, so not a great time to have travel to Oakland.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Panthers  Panthers
32-29 27-13 28-23 24-20 17-14  22-15

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills

Be brave Jacksonville, give Chad Henne a shot! It won’t make a difference to the result but, well, why not at least try?

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Bills Bills Bills Bills Bills  Bills
42-14 24-16 24-10 21-10 21-7  28-9

Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints

Jared Goff will be pleased to get out of the rain. Jeff Fisher may just be pleased to get out of New Orleans come Sunday evening.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints  Saints
31-13 35-10 31-6 28-10 24-14  35-15

San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins

If the Miami Dolphins have any sense, the’ll give it to Jay Ajayi this week. A lot.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
49ers Dolphins Dolphins 49ers Dolphins  Dolphins
24-17 27-21 28-20 17-7 17-14 21-14

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

What would normally be a fiercely contested divisional match up threatens to be a snooze fest.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Chiefs Chiefs Broncos Broncos Chiefs Broncos
17-14 15-13 16-13 27-14 14-11  16-10 OT

Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles

Green Bay’s paper thin secondary will have more wrinkles to deal with this week than an octogenarian.

Dan Duncan Simon James  Dave  Dylan
Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
27-24 27-21 37-24 34-28 31-17 38-28

So there you have it. Back to a full complement of games each week until the end of the regular season, and time for a few to start making their push for the Play Offs.

Except the Browns of course. Not the Browns.