Cutty Does It?

Jay Cutler is a player who receives constant criticism for pretty much everything he does. So ahead of a comeback after 2 weeks out for an injury he was expected to miss at least 4 weeks for, I thought I would weigh in on the man who could be out of a job in Chicago next year.

The 2010 Season ended with heart ache for Bears fans, as Aaron Rodgers narrowly led the Green Bay Packers past the Chicago Bears in an NFC Championship game that will be remembered for many years to come. But the story everyone wanted to talk about was Jay Cutler, who left the game with a Knee injury. Players jumped on Cutlers back for what they considered a ‘soft’, injury and believed he should have finished the game, despite how badly he was playing and clearly not giving the Bears the best chance to win.

Since this injury Cutler’s toughness hasn’t been the only problem Cutler has had with the media. A lot of reporters don’t like his attitude towards reporters and find him to be rude and has featured on a number of ‘most hated players’, ahead of potential rapists, racists and people that have been arrested for domestic abuse. So is this the true Cutler? Or does he get a bad rap from the press.

Before I go any further with this, it is worth pointing out I am a Bears fan, but I have always remained objective about everything NFL related. So let’s go through all the issues that Cutler has faced in past years and the issues he could face in the coming years.

Cutler’s Toughness

One game has really put in to doubt how much Jay Cutler can take on the field, which is a pretty unfair assessment. For the past 3 years Cutler has taken snaps behind what has to be one of the worst Offensive Lines in the league and was sacked 148 times during this period. Now whilst not as mobile as the likes of Wilson and RGIII, Cutler can run and evade a sack, which makes this record even more shocking. That being said he has made some silly mistakes, but more often than not he just wasn’t given the time to set up a play. Now anyone that gets hit this many times should probably have earned a reputation for being a little tough at least. On top of which Bears fans will tell you the amount of times they’ve seen Cutler hit the ground, stand up, dust himself off and walk back up to the line. If that’s not tough enough, Cutler this week recovered from a groin injury that was meant to side-line him for 4 weeks and he’s back to face a truly violent Offensive line after only 2 weeks. This isn’t just tough, but it could be a little foolish. But when people aren’t questioning Cutler’s toughness, they question his character.

Cutler’s Character

I find it hard to defend this one, but I do think he does still get a bad rap. Whilst Cutler obviously isn’t good with the media and has been pictured drunk more often than Lindsay Lohan, it doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. Ok so he can come across as sulky, whether it’s after throwing 4 Interceptions and his head is down and he’s shouting at Offensive Co-ordinators, or its not making eye contact with reporters and mumbling through interviews or its even the famously rumoured “I DON’T CARE”, story, there is no denying he is somewhat moody. But what flies under the radar of a media that want Cutler to be portrayed as a bad guy is the amount of effort he has put in to his charity work. Cutler flew out to help his Wife’s charity ‘One Kid One World’ a couple of years ago which happened without informing the media. This hilariously annoyed reporters and Cutler received criticism for not making it more public. So is Cutler whiny? Yes. Moody? Yes. A bad person? Probably not. But what about Cutler in the coming year? Is Cutler doing enough to continue being the Bears QB?

Does he get a new contract?

Cutler has been playing the best ball of his Bears career and finally has the O-line and Receiving Corp that he has needed since he signed 4 years ago. Cutler also seems to have found the Head Coach that can bring out the best in him and push him to take the next step. In a complete reversal of what Bears fans are used to, it is actually the Offence that is keeping the Bears in games, with a beaten up Defence struggling to stop pretty much any Offence. I’ll admit Cutler isn’t the best QB in the league, but he is definitely top 10. So do they let him go? I’ll ask a different question. Is there a better QB out there that can come in and give the Bears a better chance of winning than Jay? The answer in my eyes is probably not and I don’t see any reason why we don’t give up what we need to, to keep Cutler in a Bears Jersey. He has grown as a player and he has matured as a person. I genuinely think with a Defence that actually plays like a Bears Defence, this team become Championship contenders. So why get rid of the settled QB, who has a great rapport with Tressman.

I feel like by writing this I’m offering the view as a Bears fan and truthfully I probably am, but I am nothing if not objective and with Cutler coming back after a bad injury I thought now is the time to write this. I do think he does have whiny tendencies, but truly when was the last time we saw this. If anything we’ve seen more character issues from Tom Brady this year. So people need to get over the person he has been over the previous few years and look at his character this year.

I’ll leave you with this. If Cutler drops off or is proved to be a distraction in the locker room, then they should get rid of him, but I can only comment on what I’m seeing which is a QB on the verge of hitting the form of his life.