Week 10: Picks

Past the half way point and we’re still terrible at this…

The Standings are:


Dan: 4

Duncan: 4

Jon: 3

Charlie: 1


Washington @ Minnesota Vikings

Its another barn burner for the Thursday game…On a more serious note Washington have hit some form and the Vikings aren’t as awful as they have been. Expect some serious rushing yards.

Dan: Washington Win

Duncan: Washington Win

Charlie: Washington Win

Jon: Washington Win

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons

This weeks, Seahawks game that they will make look exceptionally difficult to win is against the Falcons, who are still suffering from some serious injuries and with Matty Ice hitting Corner-backs with exceptional accuracy.

Dan: Seahawks Win

Duncan: Seahawks Win

Charlie: Seahawks Win

Jon: Seahawks Win

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens

Who will have the worse record? Who will try harder to not win the AFC North? 2 Division Rivals go up against each other with ‘questionable’, records. Expect big things from Dalton as he continues to work his way through ‘NFL for Dummies’ book and Ray Rice to get at least 10 yards on 60 carries.

Dan: Ravens Win

Duncan: Bengals Win

Charlie: Bengals Win

Jon: Bengals Win

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Cutler is back people! This could actually be a decent game! With 3 teams in joint lead of the NFC North here we have a chance for 1 team to take overall control.

Dan: Lions Win

Duncan: Bears Win

Charlie: Lions Win

Jon: Bears Win

Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers

Very different game to what it would have been 2 weeks ago. Nick Foles is now the dominant QB in this game and will probably score 7 TDs in the space of about 10 minutes.

Dan: Eagles Win

Duncan: Eagles Win

Charlie: Eagles Win

Jon:Packers Win

St Louis Rams @ Indianapolis Colts

This weeks edition of ‘ the variety of ways the Rams lose games’, will be brought to you by a close game courtesy of Andrew Luck.

Dan:  Colts Win

Duncan: Colts Win

Charlie: Colts Win

Jon: Colts Win

Oakland Raiders @ New York Giants

The Raiders last week put up a depressing Defensive performance and surprise surprise Darren McFadden is injured, but can Pryor lead them to victory? The Giants probably plan to kick their way to victory in this one.

Dan: Giants Win

Duncan: Raiders Win

Charlie: Giants Win

Jon: Raiders Win

Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers

2 more teams that are very good at finding ways to lose. The Bills Defence has been awesome with the legend of Kiko Alonso still looking…well…legendary. The Steelers Offence is doing a decent job despite Big Ben holding on to the ball for a good 3/4 of the game.

Dan: Bills Win

Duncan: Bills Win

Charlie: Steelers Win

Jon: Bills Win

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

So the Jags could possibly come into this one and win it, so long as Locker plays like his former self.  That being said CJ1Yard could go off in this one and get some decent yardage.

Dan: Titans Win

Duncan: Titans Win

Charlie: Titans Win

Jon: Titans Win

Carolina Panthers @ San Francisco 49ers

2 teams on a hot streak. 2 great Defences. 2 mobile QBs. Expect a game decided by Kickers.

Dan: Niners Win

Duncan: Niners Win

Charlie: Niners Win

Jon: Panthers Win

Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals

The Texans will be playing for Kubiak. The Cardinals will be throwing them the ball back to give them more time to score.

Dan: Texans Win

Duncan: Texans Win

Charlie: Texans Win

Jon: Cardinals Win

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Like I said in the Pod, I see an upset here. So expect a huge Broncos win.

Dan: Chargers Win

Duncan: Broncos Win

Charlie: Broncos Win

Jon: Broncos Win

Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints

Just how good are both these teams? I predict 2 TDs and 100 yards from Graham as well as a little tantrum from big Dez.

Dan: Cowboys Win

Duncan: Saints Win

Charlie: Saints Win

Jon: Cowboys Win

Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I don’t really know what to say about this game. 2 teams that haven’t had a single controversy this season. The Bucs could win this one.

Dan: Bucs Win

Duncan: Dolphins Win

Charlie: Bucs Win

Jon: Dolphins Win