Fantastic match-ups for our 2nd week

Firstly do not forget to set your teams for tonight’s game, especially because now there is an extra slot available due to some league manager’s misguided tinkering (still very sorry for that). Since our own real week 2 team predictions have gone up, time for my fantasy predictions based on, you know, my in-depth knowledge and careful looking at the numbers and not just picked out of thin air. Honest chaps.


Isengard Hobbits vs Monculus Testiculese

Both teams won last week and so look to continue with their winning streak. This happens to also be another Gridiron Gentlemen clash. And one that I think the Testiculese will win. Vick cannot save the Hobbits a second time. Not against the likes of Calvin Johnson, Anquin Bolden and Pierre Garcon. The Hobbits will hope Trent Richardson and Alfred Morris score more points this week. But still won’t be enough.

Wanted Dez or Alive vs Puttin’ on the Blitz

Well with the waiver pick of the week in Julius Thomas, the Blitz stand a good chance of winning this week (though I  said this last week). Both teams are looking for their first win. I think this is going to be a close match and possibly decided by the tight ends. With that I’m backing the Blitz to win the day.

Clowning for Clowney vs Innsmouth Mutants

Both teams need to ensure that all their slots are full. The prediction has this a clear win for the Clowney’s but I think this could be closer. Decker and Bryant could score more than predicted and DeSean Jackson could score big against the Chargers. But have to favour the Clowney’s with a winning combination of Foster, Reggie Bush and A.J. Green. Sorry Innsmouth Mutants.

East Rutherford Massive vs Inglorious Gonads

The Massive are looking to kick their season off this week with the Gonads wanting to continue a glorious winning start. To me it really comes down to the QBs. Kaepernick should score more than predicted and if Roddy White remains fit then there could be Massive upset. But if Brees excels and scores more than Kaepernick and David Wilson fails again, then will be an Inglorious victory, a more likely outcome.

Pacific Grove Smugglers vs Gridiron Gentlemen

Apart from the Ginger Gentlemen, the Pacific Grove Smugglers proved to have one of the strongest teams. This week again they look strong. Along with Peyton Manning they have LeSean McCoy and Brandon Marshall and recent acquisition Leonard Hankerson who scored well last week and if the Redskins get to the Packers endzone Hankerson could get the ball for that all important touchdowns. Though Cam Newton could score well against the Bills it is likely it will be enough. Expect a Smuggled win.

Ginger Gentlemen vs Green Eggs and Graham

Both teams are looking to continue how they started last week and build up a winning streak. Though it is unlikely the Ginger Gentlemen will score as strongly as last week however they have the mighty Adrian Peterson, Darren Sproles, Randall Cobb and Owen Daniels. But with Andrew Luck, Wes Welker, Jimmy Graham and Kellen Winslow the Green Eggs stand a good chance of overcome the Gentlemen. As much as it pains me to bet against Luck, I think the Ginger Gentlemen will hold the day. Saying that the Ginger Gentlemen do need to makesure all positions are filled.

Just Win Maybe vs New York Ninjas

Just Win Maybe need to fill all positions otherwise the Ninjas will floor them. But with Aaron Rodgers, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. This line up is probably stronger than RG3, Ahmad Bradshaw, the Muscle Hamster and Julio Jones. Because of this I am saying the Ninjas have it. The Maybe’s may have to wait to win.


Good luck all!