Week 2 Predictions.

So when we left our intrepid heroes, Duncan had beaten Dan by one game, putting him up 1-0. Enter Jon who will be joining us in making his predictions this week and from now on.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots

A game that at the start of season would have been thought to be a walkover. But thanks to a number of important injuries for the Pats and some improved play from the Jets and Geno Smith, we’re looking at a much closer game than we thought.

Dan: Patriots Win

Duncan: Patriots Win

Jon: Patriots Win

St Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons

So another game that is closer than we would have thought. The Rams Offence looks like it can score points and the Falcons D, looks beatable. However don’t write off what Ryan with some ridiculous talent on Offence can do.

Dan: Falcons Win

Duncan: Falcons Win

Jon: Rams Win

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens

So we’re all backing the Browns and want them to do well. But we’re also losing confidence rapidly. Can they bounce back against a Ravens team that is looking beatable? Will Weeden improve? Or will they fall victim to a Ravens team looking for a bounce back win.

Dan: Ravens Win

Duncan: Browns Win

Jon: Ravens Win- But Browns win the moral victory…for being the Browns

Carolina Panthers @ Buffalo Bills

So EJ Manuel got some heads turning and rightly so. But this week he goes up against the impressive front 7 of the Carolina Panthers. Last weeks results have set up a great game here.

Dan: Bills Win…but I don’t feel good about it

Duncan: Bills Win

Jon: Bills Win

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

On paper this should be pretty one-sided, but when you have Adrian Peterson in your team it is pretty obvious that you are always in the game and Jared Allen likes nothing more than bringing Cutler to the ground.

Dan: Bears Win

Duncan: Bears Win

Jon: Bears Win

Washington Redskins @ Green Bay Packers

Both teams lost. Both teams looked like they could win some. Does RGIII take advantage of a weak Packers team? Or does Rodgers take advantage of a weak Redskins Defence. Basically there could be some really bad Defensive play.

Dan: urgh Packers Win

Duncan: Packers Win

Jon: Redskins Win

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans

Titans won a tough fought game against an ailing Steelers team. The Texans overcame a huge deficit to win a close game against a bad Chargers team. But who has the legs to go 2-o

Dan: Titans…really not feeling good about this one!

Duncan: Titans give them a scare, but Texans Win

Jon: Texans

Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts

This game could separate the men from the Boys. Both teams were highly rated and have not necessarily looked their best. Hopefully atleast one team manages to pick it up a bit.

Dan: Colts Win

Duncan: Colts Win

Jon: Dolphins Win

Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Cowboys looked the less awful team against the Giants. The Chiefs looked like a very well put together team that will not make the same mistakes that an exciting Cowboys side has the potential to make.

Dan: Cowboys Win

Duncan: Cowboys Win

Jon: Chiefs Win

San Diego Chargers @ Philadelphia Eagles

Every week I will be waiting to see if this is the week the Eagles make huge mistakes with the fast paced Chip Kelly Offence. But against the Chargers, this probably isn’t the case.

Dan: Eagles Win

Duncan: Chargers Win

Jon: Eagles Win

Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals

Interesting game here. The Lions looked like there was very little that could stop them scoring. The Cardinals looked improved in all areas, with Palmer bringing the best out of Fitzgerald.

Dan: Cardinals Win

Duncan: Lions Win

Jon: Lions Win

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers


 but need to cement that with a win here. That being said…

Dan: Buccaneers Win

Duncan: Saints Win

Jon: Saints Win

Denver Broncos @ New York Giants

ITS THE MANNING BOWL! This however could be really one-sided.

Dan: Broncos Win

Duncan: Broncos Win

Jon: Broncos Win

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders


Dan: Jaguars Win

Duncan: Raiders Win

Jon: Football…Football is the loser.

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

Easily game of the night. Both teams are clear Superbowl contenders. Both teams have young talented teams and both teams hate each other.

Dan: Seahawks Win

Duncan: 49ers Win

Jon: Seahawks Win

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals go into this one as favourites as the Steelers flounder in injury hell. The Bengals need to win this to be seen as favourites in this Division.

Dan: Bengals Win

Duncan: Bengals Win

Jon: Bengals Win

So that’s week 2, enjoy people.

Featured Image: Michael Hickey/Getty Images