Post Week 1 Power Rankings

So this is going to be quick, in truth I probably wont say too much about every team, but a few surprises.

32) Jaguars

I want to believe, but I just can’t. This team will get worse, before it gets better.

31) Raiders

What does Terrelle Pryor bring to the Raiders? He makes them one better than the Jags. Truth be told we will see who is better in the battle between these two teams for the dizzy heights of no. 31.

30) Vikings

I like Adrian Peterson and that is about it. OK maybe a bit harsh but Ponder IS a problem.

29) Jets

This might be as high as this team gets. I actually like Geno Smith, but I get the feeling an embarrassed Patriots team might bring the hammer down on this team, even despite their injuries.

28) San Diego Chargers

Is Rivers back? He looks good, but will this last all season. An excellent first half of football is why they’ve moved up. If they’d have won the game I might be a believer.

27) Buffalo Bills

Signs of improvement. Stevie Johnson looks on for a decent season with a significant amount of help from a decent run game and a rookie QB showing some skill. Still I don’t think they’re a great team however.

26) Tennessee Titans

Still love this Defence, in particular the secondary. Still hate this Offence, in particular Jake Locker. He will hold them back this season.

25) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

There are some clear signs of potential in this team, I just think they’ll lose a lot of close games. A change at QB would help. Maybe give Glennan a go.

24) Miami Dolphins

It seems this team are still missing some pieces and are at least a season away. The O-line is a mess and the Running Back situation worse. They look like an 8-8 team at best.

23) Pittsburgh Steelers

Serious concerns for this team at O-line and Running Back. I’m not sold that Big Ben can single-handedly take this team to the play-offs.

22) Carolina Panthers

Love the Defence, hate the Offence. It is pretty much that simple.

21) Cleveland Browns

I am still on board with this team. I still think they get better and make a playoff push. However. I’ve got to go with what I’ve seen, which is a team with some serious issues. Weeden might not make it through the season.

20) Arizona Cardinals

Much improved team on last year. Not really relevant, they’re never making the playoffs in this division.

19) St Louis Rams

See above!

18) Washington Redskins

I’ve got a real feeling this team will struggle. If RGIII goes down again, they could be in the running for the bottom 5.

17) Detroit Lions

Still some clear holes on this team (they did let the Vikings score 24pts). But they are looking pretty darn good. Reggie Bush could be pick up of the season.

16) New York Giants

Much like the Steelers, this team has problems at Running Back. I trust Eli however more than I trust Ben.

15) Indianapolis Colts

Great Offence that I think will keep them ahead in a lot of shoot outs thanks to stinky Defence. I still see this team in the playoffs.

14) Kansas City Chiefs

Its going to get boring watching this team be efficient, but damn it looks like it might be affective. Will clearly be pushing for a Wild Card slot.

13) Philadelphia Eagles

This Offence is so much fun to watch and travels at a ridiculous pace. I do think it wont last all season and I have a feeling I’ll be pushing this team down the rankings. When it goes bad Eagles fans…it will go very bad.

12) Cincinnati Bengals

Yes they lost, but they looked good. This Offence is full of talent and the Defence looks mean. I get the feeling they might push past the Ravens on this list before long.

11) Baltimore Ravens

Had Oher and Jones not gone down early in the Broncos game, I get the feeling things wouldn’t have been so one-sided. This team needs some serious help at Tight- End or they might slip down this list.

10) Atlanta Falcons

I have a feeling I may have over-rated this Defence. The Offence still looks good though.

9) New Orleans Saints


8) Chicago Bears

The first half was the same old Bears. The second half they looked like genuine contenders. Cutler could finish the season with a new contract.

7) Houston Texans

How do I rate this team? They allowed 21 points in the first half of the Chargers game…but then scored 21 points in the second half. I would imagine this team is actually still rather good.

6) Green Bay Packers

Narrow loss to the Niners. Aaron Rodgers, surprisingly looks incredible. Eddie Lacy didn’t play great, but will probably get better. The Defence looks very beatable however.

5) Seattle Seahawks

Wilson impressed me a bit. But STILL not on board. Defence could be one of the best in the league.

4) Dallas Cowboys

Yup, still got them up here and yup, still think they’re going to the Superbowl. A glitch this week, which is why I moved them down, but I think its going to be a slow rise to success.

3) New England Patriots

So many injuries. But they’re still the Patriots. I think they weather this storm and I still have them as Superbowl Champs, but I had to move them down after Sundays performance.

2) Denver Broncos

I can’t not move them up when they played as well as they did on Thursday. These guys are definitely challengers.

1) San Francisco 49ers

Clearly the best team in the league at the moment. Kap looks great, Boldin looks great and the Defence looks as elite as ever.

So a very quick look at This weeks power rankings, predictions up very soon.

Featured Image: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez