Football & Footbaawl!

For a lot of people today is a day of great excitement. The Premier League starts again after its summer hiatus and football fans can settle back into their routine of watching their favourite team on Match of the Day. With that in mind I thought I would continue my crusade to convert football fans to the NFL and at the same time take a look at the owners of both NFL teams and EPL teams.

Shahid Khan- Jacksonville Jaguars

So Fulham fans, you have a new owner and he has a crazy moustache. Also he won’t be re-branding Fulham as the Jaguars which you have to be happy about, especially when you find out how bad that team is. Firstly, lets point out that if there is going to be an NFL team in the UK, there is a very good chance it will be the Jags, so if any Fulham fans want to take an interest in their owners NFL counterparts, it might become easier to be followers. That might be the only bright point in a terrible NFL team. They have issues at Quarterback, Wide Receiver (we’ll talk about Justin Blackmon in a bit), Safety and Corner. The one bright spark of this team might be Maurice Jones-Drew, star Running-Back…who is currently coming back from an injury. Justin Blackmon was drafted in the first round last year and is currently suspended for a breach of the substance abuse policy. He also got kicked out of his own stadium when he got in a fight with one of his own players whilst on the sideline. If however you do fancy following the Jags they do have a 3 year contract to play atleast one game at Wembley for the next three years.

Stan Kroenke- St Louis Rams

Not so much an owner but more a majority share of Arsenal. Anyway the Rams have a fantastic history, but haven’t won anything in quite a while (Sound familiar Arsenal fans?) The Rams offence were known as “The Greatest Show on Turf”, in the late 90’s early 2000’s, with some of the greatest players the NFL has seen including Kurt Warner, Tory Holt, Isaac Bruce and Marshall Faulk. Nowadays they are a shadow of their former glory. No 1 draft pick Sam Bradford is yet to prove himself worth the money paid for him and star Running Back Stephen Jackson was let go. The Rams played the Patriots last year at Wembley and had been signed up to play one game there for the following three years. This fell through when they started proceeding to sign a new lease of their current stadium, this however has since fallen through. Despite the confusion, there is a pretty good chance they could become the London Rams.

Malcolm Glazer- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Manchester Utd are the most widely supported sports team in the world. The Bucs…well they aren’t. Once again the Bucs are another team with a rich history in the early 2000’s where they picked up a superbowl led by John Gruden and with help from Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks. Nowadays the Bucs have a chequered record in an insanely difficult NFC South. They do appear to have turned the corner and started making changes for the future. If any United fans out there want to get behind the Bucs, there are harder players to get behind then Doug Martin, or as he is nicknamed THE MUSCLE HAMSTER, great player and will have to pick up the slack of a lack lustre offence. On defence they have Derrelle Revis, widely considered the best corner in the game. They have played in the UK twice (with an 0-2 record), but have always brought the pirate theatrics with them. If you are still on the fence, its worth mentioning they have a pirate ship in their stadium that has working cannons…yup, they’re that cool.

Randy Lerner- Ex-Cleveland Browns

Ok, so Lerner no longer owns the Browns, but it’s still pretty interesting. The Browns have been for the best part of a decade been considered the laughing-stock of the NFL, hence Lerner being run out of Cleveland. Since Lerner’s exit however the Browns look to be rapidly improving. They have had a complete coaching change and are in my opinion an outside bet for the playoffs. Villa fans, I suggest looking at what Lerner did to the Browns rather than necessarily supporting them.

So as the sporting world continues to get smaller its worth looking at your teams ties to some of the NFL teams.

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