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Will’s Week 1 Over reactions

So, Football is back after its long summer hiatus. Some of us are ecstatic about that. Some of us wish it was still another week away. Some of us are Dolphins fans and have gone into hibernation until the draft in April. This article is to embrace all the worst...

NFL Mock Draft Scenarios 2015: The Mariota Effect

My plan has always been to map out a crazy list of possible scenarios that could happen on draft day and look at how they affect the other teams in the draft. Obviously this is all just my opinion and the very list that it’s based on is a ‘fantasy’...

What if? NFL Draft edition

Aside from my love of everything American Football, I am a huge nerd, in particular a comic nerd. When I’m not watching Peyton Manning throwing wobbly passes, I’m reading through (catching up on), X-Men, or hitting the internet to make sure I caught all the easter eggs in the new...

2015 NFL Mock draft: Part 1

It’s that time of year again where we needlessly speculate about this year’s crop of college draftees and try to predict what NFL teams are actually thinking. Regardless we do this for 2 reasons. 1. It means we can familiarise ourselves with the future stars of the NFL and where...

Free Agency Craziness: AFC & NFC North

Last week free agency opened to a kind of complete and utter craziness I have never seen before. It was like all the players names were thrown in the air and they ended up on completely different rosters.

Week 6: The Early Games

Or as it should be called, ‘the week the Defences took control’. Some great games this week. We only have 2 undefeated teams and they’re in the same division.

Week 5 The Early Games

When people ask me “what should I watch to get into the NFL?” I will stand up, lock the door and find Week 5 of the 2013 season.