Will’s Week 1 Over reactions

So, Football is back after its long summer hiatus. Some of us are ecstatic about that. Some of us wish it was still another week away. Some of us are Dolphins fans and have gone into hibernation until the draft in April. This article is to embrace all the worst aspects of the week 1 slate of NFL action. We’re not here to celebrate the good, we’re here to wallow in things that went badly and to completely overreact to them. So without further ado, on with the show.

The Browns offensive line is hot garbage

It’s a strange thing that losing tackle Greg Robinson for the game would spell doom for the Browns. The offensive line was simply horrible for the browns. Baker Mayfield was sacked 5 times against the Titans. He was harassed and harried all day. Now, the Titans are a decent defensive unit, so you could be forgiven for thinking that the Browns will do better against less stout opposition. However having watched the Browns in the preseason I’m not sure they won’t struggle against even mediocre NFL defences. This line could be the key to the Browns undoing this season as it’s a disaster zone. The browns are not going to get the most out of all the talent they have amassed if they can’t protect their quarterback. Compounded against this was the sheer number of penalties that the Browns managed to rack up. It is definitely time to get off the Browns hype train. Turns out the Browns are still just the Browns.

Jameis Winston is hot garbage

*Sigh*. It was all supposed to be so different. Bruce Arians is supposed to be the QB whisper. He was supposed to join the Bucs and whisper sweet nothings into Jameis’ ears and he was supposed to become the QB worthy of the number 1 overall draft selection. It looks like all that thinking was pie in the sky. Jameis looked like his horrible self in the defeat to the 49ers. His footwork was skittish. His decision-making was suspect as he double clutched a number of throws. He displayed a lot of the issues that he had during college. Three interceptions, a fumbled snap and another fumble does not look like a QB who is being careful with the football. The loss on Sunday can be put squarely at Winstons feet. He gave the 49ers 14 points in a 14 point loss. The most depressing thing of all is that Bucs fans have seen it all before. At this point, this is just who Jameis is. Roll on the draft so the Bucs can draft his replacement.

Matt Patricia is hot garbage

This take might seem a little harsh, however hear me out. This is not just about his misplaced timeout but more on that in a second. As the defacto defensive co-ordinator for the Lions, he has to take the brunt of the criticism for allowing a talent poor Cardinals team back into the game after starting the second half with an 18 point lead. However to cap all this off Patricia managed to pull a

tie from the jaws of victory. The lions faced 3rd and 5 late in the game. A first down all but sealed a win for the Lions. Stafford finds his running back J.D McKissic with a short pass who then managed to get the first down. However Patricia had called a time out just before the play, completely nullifying it. The next pass went incomplete

The Dolphins are hot garbage

Wow. There’s tanking and then there is the product the Miami Dolphins put onto the field on Sunday. After trading away their best offensive linemen it was clear that the Dolphins were taking the Browns model of a few years ago and stockpiling draft picks so that they can completely rebuild their team. In light of this most people expected the Dolphins to be bad…but this bad? The Dolphins still have some players of note on their roster. Minkah Fitzpatrick is a good safety. Xavien Howard is a decent corner. Both these two players were beaten over and over again for many yards. Its going to be tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel for fins fans this season.

The Steelers are hot garbage

It certainly looks like the Pittsburgh Steelers could use a stand out receiver and pro bowl running back right now. They looked woeful against the New England Patriots. Ben Roethlisberger dropped back time after time during the game but failed to ignite his offense. Balls clattered into the floor time after time. To top all of this off, the Steelers run game was absent, presumed missing during the game. The entire offense was smothered by the Patriots. If the two teams are to meet again during the season it will be the post season. It does not bode well for the steelers that the Patriots already seem to have their number in week 1 if they are to meet during the colder months of the post season.

So there we have it. Fanbases can already kiss their seasons goodbye. Pack it up now folks, it’s not going to get any better for you. Hibernate until April where you can attempt to get excited for your team as they pick up new talent.

It’s all over folks. It was a good 2019 season.

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