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Will’s Week 1 Over reactions

So, Football is back after its long summer hiatus. Some of us are ecstatic about that. Some of us wish it was still another week away. Some of us are Dolphins fans and have gone into hibernation until the draft in April. This article is to embrace all the worst...

Unpopular Headlines of Every NFC Team.

Hello my name is Dan, and I’m a glutton for punishment. Okay so I’m aware that all I’m really doing here is setting myself up for a lot of internet hate, but I just can’t help myself… I’ve gotta do it. I’ve got to get these “truths” (which are entirely...

Free Agency Craziness: AFC & NFC North

Last week free agency opened to a kind of complete and utter craziness I have never seen before. It was like all the players names were thrown in the air and they ended up on completely different rosters.

Week 16: Review- The Late Games

Time is not something I have in abundance over the Christmas holidays, so you’ll have to excuse the lateness of this and that it is a very brief summary of last week’s games. Anyhoo, Merry Christmas!

Pre Season Week 3 Part 1

This week after several ridiculously long posts, I will be splitting the reviews into smaller chunks of 2-4 games. So let’s get started with the Thursday  games.

Pre-Season Week 2 Part 1

We are so close people, just a few more weeks to go and we will be watching meaningful American Football. But in the mean time, here’s a review of week 2 of Pre-Season. I will try to keep it shorter than last week. It also worth pointing out that I...