Friday Round Up…The Week Before- AFC

Every Friday during the Season we will be providing a Wrap-up of the goings on in the NFL during the previous week. So here is the AFC round up.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

There was a game last night I believe…didn’t go well

But ‘T-Sizzle’ is confident they’ll meet again

Finally they left the game with some interesting injuries.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Tomlin is all business in regards to social media.

But is craving the power of Zoltan

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are ready for the Bears.

Cleveland Browns

This week, in Kicker News (Duncan’s favourite section).

Cleveland fans rock!

AFC East

New England Patriots

Who’ll be Brady’s guy?

Patriots release a couple of players

Miami Dolphins

Bess has issues with his release

Not the first time Weedon and Tannehill have faced off against each other

Buffalo Bills

Byrd wants out.

Manuel set to start against the Patriots

New York Jets

Geno is ready to start…apparently

Holmes also ready start

Such a massive non-story, that this is the only time I will mention it

AFC West

Denver Broncos

So…Peyton Manning.

Despite Manning’s perfect night, there were some weird moments.

Kansas City Chiefs

Not much, just some injury issues

San Diego Chargers

Manti Te’o probably won’t be at the game this weekend…or his girlfriend (I promise this is the only time I make this joke).

Oakland Raiders

Probably a little generous…

Bad news for Watson

AFC South

Houston Texans

Big Deal for Cushing

Ed Reed likely out for opener

Indianapolis Colts

Colts doing some good charity work again, gotta love this team.

Erm… Really Dwayne Allen?

Tennessee Titans

High expectations from the Head Coach

Jacksonville Jaguars

MJD set for huge season

Joeckel still throwing toys out of his pram.