The League of the Gridiron Gentlelmen begins!

Huzzah! Tonight the NFL kicks off with the Broncos hosting the Ravens and so to do our first fantasy games kick off but at the  leisurely pace of concluding on Monday. So it seems only right to give a fantasy view of who may win this week. I will try and do this for each week. Point to note is that pre-season numbers are for weeks 1 to 3. Also I could be wrong.

Isengard Hobbits vs Putting on the Blitz

This match up also started last season in a previous league with the Isengard Hobbits formerly  known as the Easdale Barrowers. It is also a duel between two of the Gridiron Gentlemen, Duncan and Jon. Last year, Duncan edged the win with caps doffed all round. This year well the prediction is close but I think the Blitz will take the game, mainly because I think Vick will not score as well Wilson. Also I think the defence scores will be closer, both teams top scoring with 11pts in the pre-season. Those two factors would be enough to give the Blitz the win. Oh and the NFL player comparison tool seems to rate more of the Blitz line up higher than the Hobbits.

Monculus Testiculese vs Innsmouth Mutants

Another Gentleman, Russell, takes on the rookie manager Rich. Again it is predicted to be a close call game. Both teams seem to have had very good drafts, well done chaps. However, in fantasy terms Eli Manning had a bit of a shaky pre-season and even Brady had one very poor  fantasy pre-season game. So I am going to be bold and say Eli will score low with Jared Cook and DeMarco Murray scoring better than predicted (10.5pts in the final pre-season game) giving the Testiculese a close shave win.

The Inglorius Gonads vs Wanted Dez or Alive

Right the predicted scores suggest this will be a walk over for the Gonads. Actually I am going to say this will be closer than you think. Drew Brees is a beast and the Saints have looked a bit better in pre-season than they did last season. I find it hard to believe that Stafford will out score Brees  (though out of 16 fantasy weeks, this did happen 6 times). In pre-season Stafford managed 26 completed passes for 298 yards, Brees threw 25 completed passes for 371 yards. So I am going to say Brees will score maybe bit more (averaged 21.6pts per game last season) and Stafford a bit less (still around 17pts per gae last season). Also Vernon Davis is unlikely to post such a high score. I say this because Kaepernick stopped targetting Davis last season and his fantasy value dropped. I’m not sure this will change even though he should take more catches since Michael Crabtree is out at the moment. In addition Dez or Alive need to pick a defence. This will boost their points and will make the game a closer contest [on that note I believe they have picked the Colts, this could cost them points]. Saying all that, I predict wholly glory for the Inglorious.

 Gridiron Gentlemen vs Clowning for Clowney

Well Billy took on the mantle of Gridiron Gentlemen so I hope he does the name proud. And this week he is up against Craig’s Clowneys in what promises to be close and decided on Monday. And I’m not sure at which position the game will be won at. May depend on which Cam turns up and how well the Seahawks close him down and intercept his passes. Could it all come down to the opening night and Ronnie Hillman? Quite possibly as I think he will pick up some points. The other predictions? Bit hard to say, though I think the Texans defence could score big if they can pressure Rivers (who had a very ropey pre-season fantasy wise). And Arian Foster could score more points than predicted against a slightly suspect Chargers defence. So I predit that the Clowney’s will be Clowning for victory.

Green Eggs and Graham vs East Rutherford Massive

Well what a match up and one with some crazy predictions, where I almost do not know where to begin. Almost. I could be biased towards Andrew Luck as I am a Colts fan but more I think Kaepernick is predicted to high. Lower by 5 points I reckon. And suddenly we have a closer game. If the Raiders are that bad (as many consider) then Luck should score more points, say 4 more points. Or to put it another way last season Kaepernick only once scored more than 20 points, Luck 4 times. This match up could just hinge on the Quarterbacks. So I’m saying the Green Eggs come sunny side up.

Pacific Grove Smugglers vs New York Ninjas

This could be one of the most interesting matchups and definitely closer than expected, not just because Ryan has kept Gronkowski in though he is unlikely to play.  Sam is in the enviable position of actually being in the right time zone to follow the games with out energy  drinks and then surviving on little sleep. The Smugglers also have players that could win it for them. I mean Montee Ball and Brandon Marshall probably could or should score more than predicted. Coupled with Victor Cruz I think is way over predicted the Smugglers could win this. But the Ninja’s may just have the skills if they get a playing tight end. Ryan is a canny manager and this may just get the win. At moment I am saying the Smugglers will get the goods away unless the Ninjas jup inn with a different Tight End for this week.

Just Win Maybe vs The Ginger Gentlemen

Two stalwarts of previous fantasy leagues meet in week 1. Dan of the Ginger Gentlemen is the Gridiron Gentlemen’s very own expert and he knows good players. I am 12/16ths certain that Romo will score more than predicted and RG3 may score less as he is playig is first game since surgery. Saying that Ryan Mathews is more than likely over rated (he has disappointed for two seasons though partly through injury). But then again Daryl Richardson will probably score less. Dan does not believe in kickers and who knows that could be his undoing. I am going to say that Just Win Maybe may just do that.

There we have it my rough predictions for week 1. Most importantly let’s hope for soe good games of football and that week 1 of the season is a sign of good things to come.

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