Bold (and some not so bold) Predictions

Here at Gridiron Gentlemen we have a history of making some bold predictions…well some predictions. Anyway I thought I would make a note of some of the more interesting predictions we have made.

Russell Wilson to have an average season

Well this one is mostly me. I just can’t see the success he had last season carrying over to this season, why? I dunno, I saw some truly awful plays last year that people have conveniently forgotten. When defences catch up with what he’s doing, there will be a problem. To escape tackles, he tends to run backwards, meaning that when they do bring him down, he will lose some serious yards. He can’t make long passes and will rely on an amazing supporting cast to get him through. There I said it. If he can become a decent pocket passer, I might change my mind, but I can’t see that happening. A large chunk of the Gentlemen, however thinks he’ll lead the Seahawks to the big game. This I would imagine might be brought up a few times in the podcast.

Cowboys going all the way

Not going to focus on this as I explained it in the previous couple of posts, but this team is super talented. As anyone who knows me will explain, I have a huge man crush on Dez Bryant. Throw in a change in tactics on Defence led by Kiffen and Marinelli and I think you’ve got a championship team.

Pryor to make the Raiders slightly less below average

I’m washing my hands of this one, this is all Duncan. He seems to think that Pryor will make the Raiders an almost serviceable team. I think they still stand a chance to be the worse team of all time.

Cleveland to make the Play-offs

Another prediction we have been pretty vocal about. We love this team. Everyone else is pretty down on them. They have in my opinion one of the greatest Defences in the league, along with one of the best O-lines. Add into the mix a Brandon Weedon who has been written off by almost everyone on that team. Not only do we think this team will do well but we’re also rooting for them to do well.

Kenny Stills to move up the Saints depth chart

This is one of Duncan’s and I’m on-board. After watching a few of Kenny Stills games in Pre-Season and he made some big plays. This is a team that has never really had a no. 1 Receiver and has had Brees just throw to the open guy. Kenny Stills has the talent to be Brees’ go to guy and don’t expect to be long before we’re talking about him as a fantasy stud.

Adrian Peterson to break the Single Season Rushing Record

9 yards…9 yards was the difference between a great season and the greatest season for Adrian Peterson, 9 yards he couldn’t get against a Bears Defence (ha ha ha). Anyway he’s fully healthy and the rest of his team is terrible, there is no reason he couldn’t get that extra 9 yards this season and De-throne Eric Dickerson. At the very least he should lead me to victory in the Gridiron Gentlemen Fantasy League!

Sanchez to be back as starter within 8 games

I think Geno gets his chance. But I think he screws it up. So they’re then forced to put Sanchez back in. Don’t get me wrong, I think next season Geno goes in and becomes the future of this team, but this year I think Sanchez is used just to get a couple of wins under the belt. Throw into this prediction that Rex Ryan is probably out of a job at the end of the season.

Larry Fitzgerald to be a top 3 receiver.

Is this a bold prediction? Anyway he now has a decent QB throwing to him and I think we can finally see the Wide Receiver we saw when Warner was throwing to him. I’m expecting him to have the same effect that Calvin Johnson has on the Lions.

Andrew Luck- League MVP

Luck was heavily overshadowed by RG3 and Wilson. Whilst RG3 was running toward a potential career threatening injury, Luck was calmly throwing touchdown passes from the pocket. This year the Colts have got better and are now using a new scheme. I think Luck will thrive and single-handedly drag this team to the play-offs.

Jay Cutler…blah blah blah

This is all me. I think Jay Cutler makes it to the Pro Bowl and makes it handedly. With a decent O-line and a decent Receiving corp I really think he  becomes a top 5 Receiver. Yup I’m sticking with that. Yup.

Anyway I think that’s it. Hit me up with your Bold Predictions in the usual ways, Facebook, Twitter @GridironGents) or the site (


Main Photo:  Steve Kotvis

Featured Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images