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The Tanking Power Rankings

The one thing the 2019 season is proving is this is the season to tank. Tis the season to be tanking and so many teams around the league are trying their best to not win games, whether intentionally or not, that I thought we couldn’t let it slide. So with...

QB Watch: Week 1

Going into week 1 there were some storylines that I was very interested to see how they played out. For a selection of quarterbacks, this is an important season. On one hand you have some seasoned veterans who need to prove they have what it takes to lead a team...

2017 Power Rankings: Week 12

There is about as big a difference between the AFC and the NFC that we’ve seen in recent years. The NFC is fighting it out for potential playoff spots, where as the AFC (bar a couple of obvious competitors) seems to be falling over themselves to be completely irrelevant. Let’s...

Oh Yes! Oh No! What the??? Week 2 Review

Week 2 saw a number of teams show their true colours. The good teams appeared to be very good and the bad teams… well they were awful. So let’s take a look at what stood out for us this week.

Dylan’s top 10 offensive lines heading into 2015/16

We’ve broken down all the ‘skill’ positions on the offensive side of the ball, so now it’s time to turn our attention to the big unsung heroes who make all the exciting plays possible. Whether it’s in protecting the quarterback or creating open lanes for running backs to exploit, offensive lines often...

Bold (and some not so bold) Predictions

Here at Gridiron Gentlemen we have a history of making some bold predictions…well some predictions. Anyway I thought I would make a note of some of the more interesting predictions we have made.

Dan has a problem with the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders

They said it would never happen, but the Gridiron Gentlemen have defied gods and men to return triumphant with Episode 2. This week, a detailed dissection of the Cornerback position and the first round of our knockout competition to find Russ a team worth following.