Mid-Season Review: The Quarterbacks.

Ok so yes I lied in the last post when I said I had finished all my mid-season posts. But this is it…honest. No more. I promise. Anyway I wanted to rank the QBs 32-1 like I did before the start of the season. This time including the players that have been given the keys for the majority of the season.

32) Whoever is in for Minnesota (Cassel, Freeman, Ponder)

Surely no surprise here. The whole situation is a huge mess and I wouldn’t be surprised if none of the above are starting for this team next year.

31) Chad Henne (Jaguars)

Flashes of being serviceable. In reality maybe a decent backup.

30) Kellen Clemens (Rams)

I haven’t seen a great deal of Clemens obviously, but I can’t see him winning too many games for the Rams.

29) Mike Glennon (Buccaneers)

He’s in a bad situation and in truth it might destroy his confidence. Throwing 50 times a game really is not good.

28) Eli Manning (Giants)

Yup, 2 Superbowls. But this year he’s stunk and despite 2 decent wins, he hasn’t improved much.

27) Geno Smith (Jets)

Sometimes he looks like he’s the future QB for this team other times it looks like he might be heading to the Arena League. I think Geno does become a decent QB…just not this season.

26) Carson Palmer (Cardinals)


25) Jason Campbell (Browns)

I’ve always had a soft spot for Campbell and think he gives this team a chance to get a few wins.

24) Case Keenum (Texans)

Hmmm. Well he seems to be playing better than Schaub.

23) Nick Foles (Eagles)

Could move up this list with a few decent wins, but I haven’t seen anything amazing from him.

22) Thad Lewis (Bills)

I really like Thad. It always looks like the Bills could win with him in the game.

21) Robert Griffin III (Washington)

Bad season, if he can get over this injury though, he should be higher up next year. I really don’t like how long he holds on to the ball.

20) Matt Ryan (Falcons)

Another QB in a bad situation. The top ones however find ways to win.

19) Joe Flacco (Ravens)

Despite a Super bowl ring, 5 Interceptions in 1 game can’t happen.

18) Jake Locker (Titans)

Looks like a decent QB finally and gives the Titans a great chance of winning games.

17) Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins)

Massively inconsistent, but if the last game is a sign of improvement then he could shoot up this list next year.

16) Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)

He’s on a bad team, but is some how doing good things with a great Receiving Corps.

15) Terrelle Prior (Raiders)

Deservedly high up on this list just mainly down to his natural abilities and how he turns the Raiders into a team that looks like winning a few.

14) Alex Smith (Chiefs)

Should he be higher? I don’t think so. Whilst I think he has done a stella job in Kansas, I do think the QB above him are better.

13) Jay Cutler (Bears)

Yup I am a Bears fan and yup Jay is high on this list. But he has been the reason the Bears have won the games despite some awful Defensive play.

12) Andy Dalton (Bengals)

Bad game Thursday for Dalton, but in general he has played well. I think there are a few more mistakes on the horizon, but in general the good will out weigh the bad.

11) Russell Wilson (Seahawks)

I think he has played well. Has he managed to make a rag tag bunch look elite? When he does that, I’ll move him up.

10) Cam Newton (Panthers)

Cam is finally converting in the Redzone! Hurrah! Cam finally looking like the QB we were promised.

9) Tom Brady (Patriots)

He has definitely lost a step, but he is still winning games with a very green Receiving Corp. I also think he gets better, but this is pretty low down for Brady.

8) Tony Romo (Cowboys)

Yup I have him this high. Why? Because he is playing out of his skin and putting ridiculous amounts of points on teams, but is let down by the Defence.

7) Colin Kaepernick (49ers)

Took a little time to warm up, but now one of the best dual threat QB’s in the league.

6) Matt Stafford (Lions)

Playing at a ridiculous level. Getting the ball to pretty much everyone and has now proved he is clutch after the final play in the Cowboys game.

5) Phil Rivers (Chargers)

Phil Rivers is finally looking like the Rivers of old. Could be the driving force behind the Chargers making the play offs.

4) Andrew Luck (Colts)

I want to move him higher, but the 3 above are probably better…AT THE MOMENT.

3) Peyton Manning ( Broncos)

ooooh Peyton no. 3? Yup, I think he’s is incredible and dynamic, just in the recent few games he’s thrown it to the other team too much.

2) Drew Brees ( Saints)

Consistant and makes ordinary people look like Jerry Rice. Really is a toss up between this guy and…

1) Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

It is amazing what this guy is doing despite ridiculous injuries. He is unreal and looks set for a very good season.