The Best is Yet to Come…

Having spent all week looking at the first half of the season, I thought it would only be right for me to now take a look into the future and see what we have left to come. So buckle up as I take you into the future.


An obvious one really, but this year has seen a huge amount of teams descimated by injuries (hello Atlanta I’m looking in your direction) and surely that has to continue. One of the supposed “new breed”, of QB’s has to go down. My candidate would be RGIII, simply based on how many times he’s already hit the floor. Also the Chiefs have been relatively unscathed in terms of injuries which is something that really can’t continue much longer. Lets hope Jamaal Charles makes it through the season.

The League MVP is…

Its kinda up in the air at the moment, but I do think of the next couple of months it becomes obvious when whoever it is leads their team to the playoffs. My money is on Jamaal Charles, just based on how consistly amazing he has been, but a sneaky bet could probably be made on Drew Brees, who seems to be doing everything Peyton is, but without the silly turnovers. Also never under estimate Aaron Rodgers, who is doing a whole lot with very little.

The Heat is On

I plan to have a more indepth look at this next week but over the last 3 years the Superbowl has been won not by the consistant team through out the season, but instead the team that gets hot at the right time (Ravens, Giants, Packers). Have the team thats going to be lifting the Lombardi already got hot? You would have to think so and in truth this is why I rather unfortunately seem to have the Packers top of my Power Rankings. They’ve got hot at exactly the right time. They seem to win games despite a huge amount of injuries and despite all of the above, they seem to have a huge amount of confidence. Also a shout out to the Niners and ridiculous outside bet, the Panthers.

Early Retirement.

Ok so we’re past the half way mark and all the Head Coaches still have their job. Which is frankly amazing considering how bad The Bucs are playing and how truly unpopular Greg Schiano is. So I believe someone will lose their job in the next couple of weeks and it really should be Schiano.

How Good are the Chiefs Really?

So the Chiefs are 8-0. However it does feel like they are yet to face any particularly tough opponents. So who have they got that could challenge their undefeated season? Well for starters they have to play an in form Broncos team twice, an in form Chargers team and an exceptional QB when they play The Colts. All of these games could provide problems for the Chiefs and I think guarantees that they lose one at some point.


At the halfway point I think the following teams are destined for the playoffs. Patriots, Bengals, Colts, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, Cowboys, Saints, 49ers, Packers, Seahawks and Lions. No real surprises, except I can still see the Patriots and Cowboys going far…maybe even the Superbowl.

Players having THAT game.

By this I mean players having games that make your jaw drop, like Doug Martin last year. I think Luck has massive potential for this. Le’Veon Bell is another one as is someone like Kembrell Thompkins.

A Rivalry that Will Get Out of Hand

Hello, Seahawks vs Niners I’m looking in your general direction.

Lifting the Lombardi

Is this where I change my rankings that I made at the start of the season? I think it might be, well kinda. Now I think the NFC could very well be the Packers, a team that have got hot at just the right time. In the AFC, I have to stick with Patriots and for no good reason other than a “hunch”. It’s weak but you can never count this team out.

So that is my preview for the rest of the season. The important thing is to sit back and enjoy, because before too long, we’ll be in 36 weeks of Off-season.