Russell Bloody Wilson

Ha! I got you. You think this is going to be me moaning about Russell Wilson…didn’t you? In actual fact I thought I would take this opportunity to look at the flip side of my thoughts on the Seahawks QB. After all they are in a Super bowl.

So firstly it’s worth pointing out that we took some stick for our coverage of the Niners @ Seahawks game on the pod. I thought this was as good a chance as any to settle up. We will always remain objective when it comes to the games. Ok so I’m not a big fan of the Packers, but regular listeners will know that I believe Rodgers could very well be the best player in the league and at one point had them top of my power rankings. Now it is my belief (deep breath Dan), that Russell Wilson is a tad overrated. Do I think he’s a bad QB? No, not by a long shot, in fact I think he is a very good QB, I just don’t think you can include him in the same conversation as Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Brady or even as good as I think Luck will become. But he wouldn’t be much lower down this list. Let me put it this way. Without thinking about it, he is a top 10 QB, probably higher. I just think he gets some praise that should be divided between a whole team that’s been playing out of their skins. But anyway I wanted to take this opportunity to focus on what I think he does well. Oh and Seahawks fans. This is just my opinion, at the end of the day your team is in the top game. Enjoy it, ignore my silly opinion.

Game Manager

This is something that is often looked at, as a negative but for a team with the statistically best Punt team, the best Defence in the league and one of the best Running Backs. He is a perfect fit. Generally he isn’t asked to do a great deal, but what he does do, he does…sensibly. It is very rare you see him make mistakes or take too many risks. He is the perfect fit for a tight team that doesn’t allow an inch. He does just enough to provide a distraction for Running Back Marshawn Lynch. What the Seahawks have done, is put together a team made up of perfect fits and their QB is no different.

Crazy Mobility

Do I need to say anything here? When the Defence think they’ve got him, he runs for a first down, it also helps with his passing game. Often hitting his targets on the move gives him mores space and doesn’t seem to lose any of his potency whilst running. It als0 buys him some time. Russell will hold on to the ball too long some times, but still make plays by being elusive. Tie this in with him being a 2nd running option for the Seahawks, which once again takes some of the attention from Lynch. As I have said previously, he is a perfect compliment.

Perfect Team Player

On a team full of outspoken players, he keeps himself to himself and lets his play do the talking. When the Super bowl finishes, Wilson won’t be the guy everyone is desperate to get an interview with, not on a field with Richard Sherman, but what he does do is quietly give his team a decent chance to win. As a role model he is pretty much the best you can get. He’s never in the news for anything other than his play; he never lays into his opposition and always stays humble. On top of which he has his team’s trust, which is so important in the big games. If they put the ball in his hands his team have faith that he can win the game.


How do you stop someone like Wilson? If you get to him, he rolls out and makes whatever play he can to make it, shovel pass, bullet pass, he can make the play that is needed even if it’s a little unorthodox. In the coming years, we might see more and more of this unorthodox play style, which can only add to the excitement of the sport.

So whilst I don’t think he is the best QB in the league, I do show a lot of respect for him. Does he make mistakes? Yeah definitely, but I’ve been over my thoughts on his deficiencies, this was just a post to say I don’t actually think he’s a bad QB.