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Super Bowl Preview

April 29th, 2021: with the 5th Pick of the 2021 NFL draft the Cincinnati Bengals select Ja’Maar Chase dooming Joe Burrow to another season of being sacked for fun. How can they pass on Penei Sewell, do they not want to win any games this season? What a horrible decision...

Defense STILL wins Championships

Wow, what a gem the Chiefs vs Rams was, over a hundred points and the first time in NFL history a team has scored 50 points and lost. Everyone is still talking about it, and quite rightly so, but I have a contrarian view to the crowd on this… I...

Denver Broncos 2017 Preview

I knew the moment that my Broncos woke up to Super bowl sized hangovers would be the moment the uncertainty would begin. All the niggling questions “what if?’s” Became hypothetical banana skins on the path to continued domination. I lay awake well after my milky drink and bedtime story pondering…....

Superbowl Review

Well folks it’s all over and the Seahawks are the team taking home the Lombardi. Not only did they win this one, I think it would be fair to say they taught us all a lesson in how to put together a team and play this game.

The Last Game for 8 Months

At this point every single stat has been analysed. Every single player has had every single play scrutinised and analysed, so let’s look at all one last time, for the last game of the season.

The 2014 Super Bowl Drinking Game

Need help getting drunk this weekend? Well let me help you. If you are a hardcore fan or someone who just wants an excuse to get drunk at 1am on a Sunday night. This is definitely for you.

Russell Bloody Wilson

Ha! I got you. You think this is going to be me moaning about Russell Wilson…didn’t you? In actual fact I thought I would take this opportunity to look at the flip side of my thoughts on the Seahawks QB. After all they are in a Super bowl.