The 2014 Super Bowl Drinking Game

Need help getting drunk this weekend? Well let me help you. If you are a hardcore fan or someone who just wants an excuse to get drunk at 1am on a Sunday night. This is definitely for you.

This is open to changes, but I will assume for the purposes of this post, you have ample Beer and something to shot. Lets get to this.

Renee Fleming holds the note at the end of the National Anthem:

Drink for as long as she holds it.

Predict the coin toss:

If you lose. Drink, 1 Finger

The Opening Kick off is kicked out of the endzone:

Drink, 1 Finger

The Kick is returned

Drink 1 finger for every 10 yards its returned


DRINK, 1 Finger

The Commentator mentions the weather

Drink, 1 Finger per mention

It actually starts snowing

Down that pint

Knowshon Moreno cries

Drink an equal amount to what he cries, which is about half a pint

For Every time Beast Mode is mentioned

One Finger

Or Legion of Boom

One Finger

Or Pot Roast

One Finger

The Coach is on the field!

One Finger

Every time someone in your group says “shut up Joe Buck”.

Two Fingers.

Bruno Mars puts on an unreal performance

Stop drinking. You’re drunk enough

Bruno Mars is thoroughly underwhelming

Just don’t stop drinking. It’ll be over soon

Someone mentions John Fox

Everyone start singing “What does John Fox Say?” Last person to join in, 3 fingers.

A Casual fan complains about the adverts

Make them drink 1 finger

Eli Manning is in the stands

To celebrate his epic interception total, drink your friends beer.

Golden Tate celebrates a first down

Drink 1 Finger

Someone mentions its the Chinese year of the Horse

1 Shot.


Down whats left of your pint.

Field Goal

One finger per 10 yards

Someone mentions Peyton Manning retiring if the Broncos win

Raise your glass and drink 1 finger

The Joe Buck says “we have a game of football”, or something equally obvious

Drink 1 Finger

Richard Sherman makes an epic play against Demaryius Thomas

Drink 1 Finger

Demaryius Thomas burns Richard Sherman

Down your pint

Richard Sherman’s post game interview

Just keep drinking

A QB wins MVP

1 Finger

Someone other than a QB wins it

1 Pint

So thats that. Enjoy, that should get you suitably drunk.