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Draft 2019: AFC West Review

Next up on the Divisional Draft Review, it’s the AFC West. Did the Raiders nail it? Did the Broncos get a bargain with Drew Lock in round 2? Lets find out. 

How Gruden is turning Carr into Gradkowski

Watching the 2018 Oakland Raiders as a long time Tampa Bay fan is a strange thing indeed. Now, cards on the table, I’m no fan of Jon Gruden. After winning Superbowl 37, Gruden exclaimed to a waiting Tampa crowd ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet Tampa’. Boy was he right. The...

Best Bets: Week 9

Finally, after weeks of mediocrity we’re back where we want to be – 0-3. It had been a few weeks but it’s good to know I’ve still got it in the locker. Obviously I can’t beat the bookmakers so I’ve decided to see if I can beat a coin. For...

The Gent’s Draft Review: Round 1

In case you missed it (where were you?), round 1 of the NFL draft took place last night. Here are my key points for what was a fun night full of twists and turns. Let’s get straight into it.

Pre-Season Week 2 Part 1

We are so close people, just a few more weeks to go and we will be watching meaningful American Football. But in the mean time, here’s a review of week 2 of Pre-Season. I will try to keep it shorter than last week. It also worth pointing out that I...