Best Bets: Week 9

Finally, after weeks of mediocrity we’re back where we want to be – 0-3. It had been a few weeks but it’s good to know I’ve still got it in the locker.

Obviously I can’t beat the bookmakers so I’ve decided to see if I can beat a coin. For every game I pick I’m going to flip a coin. Home team will be heads, road team is tails. I believe in myself and my ability to beat a one pound coin. Ok, I don’t, but I’ve got to at least pretend I can still pick a winner once every six or seven weeks.


Broncos +1 at Raiders

It was clear to see how that long overtime effected the Seahawks and Cardinals last week. There is no reason to think that will be any different for the Raiders this week.

I’m still not quite on the Derek Carr bandwagon. His first two years in the league he got off to a good start before a drop off in the second half of the season. Until he shows otherwise, I find it hard to really class him as elite. Going up against the Broncos defence that I consider to be the best in the league will be tough for him and we could see him come back down to earth after last week’s game.

The Raiders don’t really have much of a home-field advantage. They’ve actually got a better record on the road. Give me the team I consider to be better, that should be fresher and that are getting the points.

The coin says… Broncos.


Rams +3 vs Panthers

I’m just not a believer that the Panthers are really back. The Rams defence can cause this offensive line big problems and Cam could be under constant pressure.

Coming off a bye I think the Rams offence can be better than what we saw at Twickenham. It couldn’t be much worse, could it?

The defence pretty much shut down the Giants and they can do the same here. We just need the Rams to put up a few points and we’re good. I like the home team with the points

Coin says… Panthers.


49ers +4 vs Saints

I just don’t believe the Saints are a very good team. Granted, the 49ers aren’t great either, but I think they can do enough against a Saints team that are completely different on the road and out of a dome.

Travelling across the country is never good for a team and I’ll take the 49ers with the points and at home.

Coin says… Saints.


Good luck all, and bad luck to the coin.