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Will’s Super Bowl Preview

It has all come down to this. The entire NFL season will conclude on Sunday with the annual Super bowl where we shall discover who is the best team of the 2019 season. It’s shaping up to be a good one with two of the best offensive coaches facing off...

Best Bets: Week 9

Finally, after weeks of mediocrity we’re back where we want to be – 0-3. It had been a few weeks but it’s good to know I’ve still got it in the locker. Obviously I can’t beat the bookmakers so I’ve decided to see if I can beat a coin. For...

Iceberg, dead ahead!

  Imagine, if you will, that you own a boat. It’s quite a nice boat that you have had for a couple of years and have enjoyed sailing in. It floats very well (as you would hope) and has lots of nice shiny bits on it that are not quite...

Week 8 Review: The International Series

Another International Series game down and the NFL has left London for the year. But when they come back next season, they’re here for 3 games! Until then we have a whole half a season ahead of us to watch and enjoy. Anyway let’s start with the big game in...

'Who's Got It Better Than Us?' A guide to the 49ers

It is the week of the 2nd International Series game and 2 top flight American Football teams are here to do battle, The Jacksonville Jaguars & the San Francisco 49ers. So let’s take a closer look at one of the teams on display, the San Francisco 49ers.

Assessing the state of the read option

Week 2 is barely here and already a clutch of NFL pundits are claiming that the 2012 seasons most pored-over playstyle as we know it is dead and buried. That’s a little premature, but here are a few thoughts.  

Pre-Season Week 3 Part 3

This will be the final Pre-Season review as Week 4 isn’t worth much of a look at and I’d rather focus on the coming season. So let’s get into it.

Pre-Season Week 2 Part 1

We are so close people, just a few more weeks to go and we will be watching meaningful American Football. But in the mean time, here’s a review of week 2 of Pre-Season. I will try to keep it shorter than last week. It also worth pointing out that I...

Pre-season Week 1 pt 1

American Football is back! So to celebrate I thought I’d go through the games and what we learned about these teams from these games.