Week 7 Power Rankings.

Who knows any more. I give up…Nah just kidding let’s start with the worst team, that actually isn’t totally awful.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

Still the worst team in the league, but on a good day I think they could beat any of the top 5 teams above them on their list. The gap is considerably smaller than it was.

31) New York Giants

I want to believe that a 2 time Super bowl Champion can turn this season round. But now I can’t see it.

30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I think this team might actually get worse unless they figure out what to do with their exceptionally talented Defence.

29) Washington Redskins

Some improvement from RGIII, but it is still painful watching him every time he tries to run. I do see this team getting better though.

28) Minnesota Vikings

Any momentum from the great win in London was lost Sunday. Maybe move them to London. The British people definitely liked them!

27) Pittsburgh Steelers

There is hope here. O-line is still awful, but with Bell and a decent Defence they could pull themselves very slightly out of the hole.

26) New York Jets

They need to keep playing Geno, even if it means a few poor performances. This team will be considerably better next year than they are this year.

25) Houston Texans

How the mighty have fallen. I just don’t see them winning games. I don’t know where a win could come from.

24) Atlanta Falcons

The 4 players that aren’t injured might put up a fight…

23) Carolina Panthers

If Cam plays this good in every game, they take a winning record this season.

22) Buffalo Bills

The Bills have got through another QB, as it looks like Thad Lewis will be out injured. That means Flynn is set to start. I would imagine they might be lower next week.

21) Oakland Raiders

Some worrying O-line play from this Raiders this week, but all in all still a pretty decent team.

20) Cleveland Browns

Unfortunately I think the issue with this team might be Weeden. Also their Defence cannot allow 24 unanswered points in the 2nd half again.

19) Arizona Cardinals

Similar issues to Cleveland, in fact almost identical issues to Cleveland.

18) St Louis Rams

We might have finally seen a spark of life in this team, let’s hope it continues.

17) Philadelphia Eagles

If Foles keeps the starting job, they stand a much greater chance of winning.

16) Miami Dolphins

Could/ should be better. Let’s hope a bye week straightens them out.

15) Baltimore Ravens

Harbaugh promises to get the Run game going this week and it is desperately needed.

14) Tennessee Titans

Probably a little high on this team, but they are in fact very good and even stranger than this revelation is they are better with Locker!

13) San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are reaching dizzy heights here and its down to the strong defensive performance against the Colts this week. Good job Chargers.

12) Cincinnati Bengals

So something has lit a fire under Andy Dalton, let’s hope it continues.

11) Indianapolis Colts

Still pretty high on this team and think they actually stand a decent chance of beating the Broncos if they put the game in Lucks hands.

10) Chicago Bears

I don’t like it but they probably are the 3rd best team in the Division, which is probably what keeps them from the Play-offs this year.  They are a very good team still, just they lack Defensive depth.

9) Detroit Lions

They seem to be improving with every game. Probably in large part down to a ridiculous amount of weapons.

8) Dallas Cowboys

I still think they make the Play-offs and the NFC East is really theirs to lose. If they do make the Play-offs I reckon they go on a decent run.

7) San Francisco 49ers

I need to see more from Kaepernick before I move them any higher. The Defence still looks great however.

6) Seattle Seahawks

Probably a little low on this team, but I think they’re slip on the top spot of the NFC West might be slipping.

5) Kansas City Chiefs

6-0 and I have them 5th. It is a bit harsh but I don’t think they beat any of the teams above them.

4) Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers + run game = Very good.

3) New England Patriots

They keep winning and I still believe they win the Super bowl.

2) New Orleans Saints

Well it was a bad loss, but it was the first of the season. It’s not every game Jimmy Graham won’t get open.

1) Denver Broncos

They didn’t beat the Jags by 400 pts, it doesn’t really matter. This team is still very good and now they get Von Miller back.

So there we have it Jags bottom, Broncos top. Let’s see if that changes this week!

Featured Image: AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh