Tailgate Knight’s NFL Spread week 15 Tips

Oh dear. Not sure I will keep this job as the spread columnist for this site because last week I hit my worst ever score; 4-12. A disaster on all fronts. The Bears got beat by the Cowboys. (I guess I should not be too shocked by that one). For this column I hit a 1-2 for my three tips. The Giants crushed the Titans for my one correct pick. I was surprised that the Colts only beat the Browns by one point, while the Cardinals beat the Chiefs by three points with a -1.5 spread and I had backed the Chiefs.

Now I sit mid table with a horrible score of 99-109 (18 points behind the leader). My father and best friend are in second and third place with scores of 113-95 and 112-96 respectively. I’m miles behind. With two weeks to play, I need to hit back to back double digits and hope they all falter, but really, like my beloved Bears, any chance of me winning the championship is nigh on impossible.

While over in fantasy world, by MNF I was up by around 30 something points. All my players had played when the Packers and Falcons rolled around. I was on the brink of winning my division and heading to the playoffs for the first time in this 12 person league. My opponent only had Julio Jones left to play and this nifty receiver decided then to play the game of his life. I lost the game and my playoff position by 0.02 fantasy points. I’m not a happy bunny!

Week 15 Spread Lines

Cardinals at Rams -3.5

Raiders at Chiefs -10.5

Washington at Giants -6.5

Packers at Bills +4.5

Bucs at Panthers -5.5

Dolphins at Patriots -7.5

Texans at Colts -6.5

Steelers at Falcons +1.5

Bengals at Browns +0.5

Jags at Ravens -13.5

Jets at Titans +1.5

Broncos at Chargers +4.5

Vikings at Lions -7.5

49ers at Seahawks -10.5

Cowboys at Eagles -3.5

Saints at Bears +2.5

My picks for week 15

Raiders at +10.5 over the Chiefs

The Chiefs are inconsistent and while they will probably beat the Raiders, this is a divisional rivalry and I can see the Raiders starting strong.

49ers at +10.5 over Seahawks

Likewise with the Raiders, this is a divisional rivalry, but only the 49ers are not a bad team, they are just inconsistent. Seattle is a hard place to play in, but the Seahawks at 9-4 have shown they are not the same team that won the Superbowl last season

Titans at +1.5 over the Jets

I’m not too sure that many people will be tuning in to watch these two 2-11 teams, but I think the Titans are a safe bet for this pick. Both teams are pretty bad, but the home advantage is always a slight factor.

Agree/disagree of have any Spread tips or thoughts, let @tailgateknight know

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Note: Written by Adam, still have not been able to sort out the issue with being able to credit him here properly, sorry!