The Gridiron Gentlemen’s Prediction Club: Week 15

Anyone would think we were actually getting quite good at this. Highest score this week, 13, lowest was 9. Congrats to Duncan for winning the week, anyway enough waffling, let’s look at week 15.

Arizona Cardinals 12 – St Louis Rams 6

A barn burner! Okay not really but yet another win against a difficult team for the Cardinals & with yet another major player going down injured. The Cards are rolling & are still proving the likes of me wrong.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Rams Rams Cardinals Rams Cardinals

Sunday’s Games

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Atlanta Falcons

The Steelers have had an up & down season of making the good teams look bad & the bad teams look good. The Falcons are finally beginning to look like a decent team, well in the context of the NFC South. This could be the kind of game though that the Steelers lose.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Falcons Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens

Is this a trap game? Jacksonville have shown sparks of life over the last couple of weeks & Bortles looks like he might finally be settling in (kinda), the Ravens have looked like potential contenders with one of the best Defences in the league, a Joe Flacco that’s on Superbowl form & a surprise at Running Back in the form of Justin Forsett. Whether a trap game or not, it does promise to be a half decent matchup.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens


Green Bay Packers @ Buffalo Bills

The Packers are arguably the best team in the league & have talent in pretty much every area. The Bills have probably the most talented Defensive Line in the league, which could be a decent test for a Packers Offensive Line that has played far better than anyone ever expected. Buffalo could provide a decent test for the Packers Offence, but you have to think Orton doesn’t have what it takes to hang with Rodgers.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers

It kinda sickens me that this could change the playoff picture. The Panthers will be without Cam Newton, who played so well last week. The Bucs have had a rough Season…that’s about it.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Panthers Panthers Bucs Panthers Panthers


Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

The last time these 2 met, the Browns dominated the match & Dalton had the worst game of his career. Manziel looks set to start for the Browns giving the Bengals Vontaze Burfict-less Defence a completely new set of problems. Matchup of the game has to be Joe Haden vs. AJ Green, which could decide this game.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Browns Browns Browns Browns Browns


Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

This is going under the radar, but with this is a matchup that could determine who wins the AFC South. The Colts Offensive Line has been woeful & in a game against the best Pass Rusher I’ve ever seen Luck could be in for a rough game, but he does always seem to pull it out of the bag to win games. Great game here.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Colts Colts Colts Colts Colts


Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Raiders last week showed us just what they’re capable of with a few weapons. The Chiefs played the same game they’ve played all Season & lost. Justin Houston should have a big game in this one against a half decent Offensive Line & the Raiders will surely not play to the level they did last week, when they had what was almost certainly “their Superbowl”, but you never know.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs


Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

The Dolphins last week might have showed their true colours with a disappointing loss to the Ravens. Now they go up against an inform Patriots team that they beat earlier in the Season. This will almost certainly be a different affair.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots


Washington @ New York Giants

All I can say about this game is I like Odell Beckham Jr. who once again is the single reason to watch a game.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants


Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Could be a close game here. The Chargers are looking like a more complete team after having a few players come back from injury. The Broncos have played well in all areas, but Manning has come under some criticism in regards to arm strength, this is the kind of game Manning likes using to prove people wrong.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Broncos Chargers Broncos Broncos Broncos


New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans

erm. The Jets will want to win as many as they can for Rex, but probably to no avail. The Titans, well they’re the Titans.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Jets Jets (2-0 Accidental Safety) Jets Tie Titans


Minnesota Vikings @ Detroit Lions

Minnesota have begun to look like a more complete team, which is encouraging for next Season. The Lions seem to have got their Offence going, which in turn makes them look like a more complete team too, that could provide a very interesting end of Season game against the Packers.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions


San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

There was a time when this would be a game to base a week around. Now it looks like this might be the game that finally gets the Niners Coaches the sack, whilst the Seahawks move in the other direction.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks


Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles

Whereas a year ago the previous game would be game of the week, it would appear that this one is now the one to watch out for. The Cowboys got beaten heavily by the Eagles on Thanksgiving, but after a week’s recovery against the Bears, they might be a bit more competitive in this one. It feels like the whole world is waiting to see Sanchez screw up, under this much scrutiny he has to make a mistake at some point, where he will be unfairly judged.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles


New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears

This week’s Monday Night game is a battle between the 2 most disappointing teams of the Season. Surely it will be a game riddled with mistakes resulting in a win based on a defensive mistake. Sadly this could lead to the Saints making the Playoffs.

Dan Dylan Duncan Alex Adam
Saints Saints Saints Saints Bears!!

16 games done, enjoy!