The fantasy goes on: Week V

Already we are at the start of the next week of games and probably it is a bit late to offer advice on players to look out for this weeks games. Good luck to all teams this week. Here are my League of Gridiron Gentlemen pre-views and predictions. With the odd added descriptive stat to aid along the way.

But first for my team of week IV. This goes to Just Win Maybe for such a gritty matchup against the Innsmouth Mutants. It was a close call and overall a potentially risky lineup paid off. The award will be up shortly.

And now for something completely different. I am currently writing a piece on factors that may influence fantasy points scored, namely the opposition a player faces. Nothing conclusive found but I have made an interesting observation. If you have any players facing the Cardinals (i.e. Panthers), play them. Over the last 4 weeks the Cardinals have conceded 6 big scores, averaging as one of the highest points scored against. You might also consider having players against the Eagles, Chargers and the Cowboys active in your roster.

Don’t forget it is a bye week for the Vikings, Steelers, Redskins and the Bucs so check your roster!

Right time for the match ups.

Clowning for Clowney @ Pacific Grove Smugglers

After an initially dominant start the Smugglers have lost their Groove. And this week is another tough matchup. I like Reggie Bush at the moment and combined with Arian Foster (who is starting to find his feet), this is a formidable duo to face even if you have Peyton, LeSean McCoy (man crisps) and Brandon Marshall (who has been a bit off the boil or more not targetted as much by Cutler).  And even though Rivers and the Chargers are facing Oakland and should rightly make mincemeat of them, Clowney has a chink in the armour: Roddy White. He has not been himself, fumbling and missing catches. I think the two Falcons players will be the difference, with Snelling winning it for the Smugglers.

Inglorious Gonads @ Gridion Gentlemen

Both teams need to check their rosters. The Gonads have two bye players and the Ions have an empty slot. At the moment David Wilson could be the difference as the Giants/Eagles could well be a points fest. With a record of 4 – 0 and a trend of making the right decisions, I am going to say the whole glory goes to the Gonads.

Wanted Dez or Alive @ Ginger Gentlemen

Both teams are coming off wins last week. The Ginger Gentlemen need to sort out their roster, with Adrian Peterson and Le’Veon Bell on bye weeks. Ryan Mathews has been looking good and could score well against the Raiders. But as it stands I think the Wanted will keep the winning streak Alive.

Innsmouth Mutants @ Green Eggs and Graham

This promises to be a close match up but one the Innsmouth Mutants have set themselves up in a position to win. I like the line up the Mutants have set (LeSean Jackson, Dez Bryant, Frank Gore and Eric Deker) and think it could almost fulfil its potential. Just as likely as the Green Eggs. So I am saying that the Mutants may just put a stop to the run of Eggs.

New York Ninjas @ Putting on the Blitz

Both teams are looking to turn the season around this week after both lost substantially last week. The Ninjas are running a risk keeping the uncertain McFadden and Gronk in. The Blitz could win this with Danny Woodhead, Larry Fitzgerald and Julius Thomas. With more question marks than ticks for the Ninjas, I’m going to say the Blitz put this away.

Monculus Testiculese @ Just Win Maybe

These teams are looking to continue to build on last weeks wins, but seem to be going a funny way about it. As it stands the Testiculese will win as the Maybes need a QB and a RB (they could play Fred Jackson, not a bad choice though a tough one up against the Browns). The Testiculese need to swap out Mark Ingram possibly by dropping Scobee and picking up another RB. So as it stands, I’m saying Monculus aim will stay steady and win the day.

Isengard Hobbits @ East Rutherford Massive

Each of these teams are looking to stop the losing streak they seem to have found themselves in. This could really be a close match up, closer than the predicted scores would have. especially if the Massive play Greg Olsen. Against the Jaguars, Pettis could have a big game for the Massive. Saying that Michael Vick could have a points fest in the shoot out that could be the Eagles/Giants game. The Hobbits will be hoping Miller and Richardson perform as does LaGarette Blount. Miller and Ginn may be the edge here, taking the Hobbits to the win.


So there we are, a quick round up of this weeks games. Don’t forget to keep checking out our Facebook page and our twitter feed @Gridirongents.

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Toodle pip.