Week 5 Predictions

Got some cracking games this week and some that are just really hard to call. After last weeks results, I’ve managed to storm into the joint lead with Duncan:

Duncan: 2

Dan: 2

Jon: 1

Charlie: 0

Can either me or Duncan take the lead? Will Jon join us at the top? Will Charlie get his first win? Lets look at the games.

Bye Weeks for: Minesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Washington Redskins

Buffalo Bills @ Cleveland Browns

A game that preseason would have been a nothingy game, now looks set to be a belter, with 2 young QBs looking to prove themselves.

Dan: Browns win

Duncan: Browns win

Jon: Browns win

Charlie: Bills win

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins

Both teams slipped up this week and both teams looking to bounce back

Dan: Ravens win

Duncan: Dolphins

Jon: Ravens win

Charlie: Ravens win

New Orleans Saints @ Chicago Bears

Will it be the consistent Drew Brees or flashes of brilliance from Jay Cutler

Dan: Saints win

Duncan: Saints win

Jon: Bears win

Charlie: Saints win

New England Patriots @ Cincinnati Bengals

How badly will the Wilfork Injury hurt this team.

Dan: Patriots win

Duncan: Patriots win

Jon: Bengals win

Charlie: Patriots

Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers

Packers looking to come back refreshed from a bye week, Suh and D-line hitting their stride.

Dan: Packers win

Duncan: Packers win

Jon: Lions win

Charlie: Packers win

Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts

Seahawks slipped up last week. The Colts excelled. This could be a cracker.

Dan: Colts win

Duncan: Colts win

Jon: Colts win

Charlie: Seahawks win

Jacksonville Jaguars @ St Louis Rams

The Jags are awful…but they could overturn this Rams team.

Dan: Rams win

Duncan: Rams win

Jon: Jags. Ahahahahahahahahahaha! No. Rams.

Charlie: Jaguars win

Kansas City Chiefs @ Tennessee Titans

Corker here between 2 much improved teams.

Dan: Titans win

Duncan: Chiefs win

Jon: Titans win

Charlie: Chiefs win

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

final score 52-44? 2 awful Defences square up.

Dan: Giants win

Duncan: Giants win

Jon: Eagles win

Charlie: Eagles win

Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals

Refreshed Panthers team go up against a questionable Cards team.

Dan: Panthers win

Duncan: Panthers win

Jon: Panthers win

Charlie: Panthers win

Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys

Room for a potential upset here…but not likely.

Dan: Cowboys win

Duncan: Broncos win

Jon:  Broncos win

Charlie: Broncos win

Houston Texans @ San Francisco 49ers

Can the Texans bounce back from last week, can this niners team capitalise on a great performance .

Dan: Niners win

Duncan: Niners win

Jon: Niners win

Charlie: Niners win

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders

Super late game thanks to base ball.

Dan: Raiders win

Duncan: Chargers win

Jon: Chargers win

Charlie: Chargers win

New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons

A Jets team finding their feet, a Falcons team recovering from injuries.

Dan: Falcons win

Duncan: Falcons win

Jon: Falcons win

Charlie: Falcons win