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Draft 2019: Round 1 Review

Whilst there were some standout picks, it felt like a relatively uneventful draft. Uneventful, but solid. As expected, if teams wanted to get better in the trenches, this was the draft for them. Let’s take a look.

The Race to Minnesota: Week 10

We’re fast closing in on the business end of the 2017 season and the windows are beginning to close for some teams looking to extend their activities beyond Week 17. Each week through to the end of the season, we’ll take a look at how things stand, and who is on...

Unpopular Headlines of Every NFC Team.

Hello my name is Dan, and I’m a glutton for punishment. Okay so I’m aware that all I’m really doing here is setting myself up for a lot of internet hate, but I just can’t help myself… I’ve gotta do it. I’ve got to get these “truths” (which are entirely...

Just win, baby!

As we head in to Week 6 of the regular season, six teams still hold a perfect record. It’s still too early to suggest one of these teams will make it to the end of the season without incurring a loss, but who is likely to hold on to that...

breaking the .500

Guest Post by Simon of Four Minute Drill(@headedforhades) From a statistical standpoint, there is one yardstick by which teams can be roughly measured at the end of the season as having had either something of a successful year, or one that was rather lacking – the 8-8 record. A record which means teams have...

Week 5 Predictions

Got some cracking games this week and some that are just really hard to call. After last weeks results, I’ve managed to storm into the joint lead with Duncan:

Pre-Season Week 3 Part 3

This will be the final Pre-Season review as Week 4 isn’t worth much of a look at and I’d rather focus on the coming season. So let’s get into it.