Week 4- Late Games

So the Early games are done. Let’s take a look at the late games.

New York Jets 13 Tennessee Titans 38

As well as the Titans have done so far this season, this was the coming out party, on the other side the Jets suffered a disappointing loss. What I took from this game for the Jets is they are definitely improving. But it will be a long process, especially when going up against a Defence like this one. Geno made some mistakes which I think he continues to do throughout the year, but wasn’t horrific. Bilal Powell looked pretty good and made some decent yardage without setting the world on fire. What I think we are looking at here however is a decent QB, RB combo for the future that could be challenging for the AFC East next year. The Defence was as decent as a team that allows 38 pts. could be. What we witnessed was a difference in progression of the 2 teams. It really looks like this Jets team could come good, but it might take some time. Whereas the Titans look like they might be about to take the next step and be a contender in the AFC East.

So yeah this Titans team look very good. It looks like the Offence might have found their stride; more specifically Locker has, well had. Unfortunately Locker went out with a pretty horrific looking hip injury, making me wonder if he is perhaps the unluckiest player in the NFL, as he leaves the game after having thrown 3 touchdowns. Fitzpatrick came in and performed admirably, leading the team to a touchdown and not turning the ball over, making me think that Titans fans shouldn’t have anything to worry about in the absence of Locker. The real story though is this Defence who are looking as good as any in the league. The best thing about them is the amount of turnovers they create, leaving the Offence with great field position. This team could possibly be pushing for a playoff spot if they carry on playing this well. Could the AFC be better than we all expected?

Philadelphia Eagles 20 Denver Broncos 52

“This has potential for an upset”, the immortal words of…well, me. Anyway that didn’t happen. The Eagles on Offence actually looked pretty sound as they became the first team to throw for 1000 yards and run for 750. But as stated in the previous Pod, the problem the Eagles Offence has is it keeps pushing for big plays and not short, quick plays that wear down the opposing Defence. Instead their Defence spends too long on the field and get worn out. However that is no excuse for allowing 52 points, essentially in 3 quarters. The Eagles Defence needs work and as a team there is no doubt the Eagles improve. Unfortunately it might not be this year.

Could the Broncos go undefeated? The whole team looks outstanding, unbeatable. Manning threw another 4 touchdowns and the special teams accounted for another 2. They have 3 guys consistently running the ball to create time for Manning to throw the ball to a wide array of weapons that Manning has improved to elite status. On Defence they barely look like they’re missing Bailey and Miller, they continue to dominate the opposition and if they don’t, it doesn’t matter. Peyton WILL out score them. So the question at the start, can they go undefeated? Yes. Do I think they will? No.

Washington Redskins 24 Oakland Raiders 14

The Redskins are off the mark and they finally did some things they needed to. RGIII looked sharper than ever and spreading the ball around to a number of Receivers. But the real story is in a dominant second half performance on Defence, an area they drastically needed to improve in. In the entire second half they didn’t allow a single point, which is unbelievable when you look at what they’ve done in previous games. Despite it being an encouraging victory for the Redskins, they do still have some areas of worry. Let’s hope they use this win as spring board for the rest of the season.

What I think we learnt from the Raiders this week is how much they miss Terrelle Pryor. What must be more frustrating is how well this team played in the first half and then let the Redskins get back in the game. Rashad Jennings began to look like the player we were promised and the Special Teams looked decent when they blocked a punt. But aside from that, this was a forgettable performance for a team that has over performed in the last few games.

Dallas Cowboys 21 San Diego Chargers 30

So I have the Cowboys in the Superbowl…yeah I might be beginning to regret that. That being said on Offence they looked pretty good. Romo hit Bryant for a couple of touchdowns (who is looking unbelievable). Murray had a decent game too rushing for over 70 yards. The Defence did well, with Sean Lee returning an interception for a touchdown in true Marinelli style and the Defence kept the Chargers to 10 pts…in the first half. In the second half everything changed. Both phases were ineffective and the Chargers took the win. The Cowboys need to take a serious look at their team and figure out how to avoid this happening again.

The Chargers are the true surprise team of the AFC. Rivers looks outstanding and appears to be back to the form he was in a couple of years back. Now fully healthy Gates is looking fantastic and is Rivers, no. 1 go to guy. On Defence they managed to hold the Cowboys off for the whole second half and gave Rivers the time to get them back in the game. This is a great result for a team everyone (including myself), had written off, expect them to shoot up the power rankings.

New England Patriots 30 Atlanta Falcons 23

Another close game for the Patriots, but a win is a win and they’ve now gone 4-0. This Patriots Offence is really beginning to click. Thompkins looks like he’s establishing himself as the no. 1 Receiver and Blount is taking the load as Running Back. This game seemed like the most comfortable Brady has looked all-season with Edelman chipping in with a +100 yard game. The Defence held off a potent Falcons team that has been slightly stifled in the last couple of weeks. This team is now 4-0, without looking great and without their 2 best Offensive weapons, I still see this team making the superbowl, but one worry for this team is the injury to Wilfork, who could be out for a while.

The Falcons have so many injuries now that they have become slightly one dimensional. Generally the ball either goes to Jones or Gonzalez with White still fighting an obvious injury. Ryan didn’t have a bad game, but was expected to throw nearly 55 times and taking the balance out of the game.  The Defence looks pretty beatable, but managed to keep this team in the game against Tom Brady, which is hard to do. This team probably makes the playoffs, but they are looking seriously banged up.

So that’s the late games, Monday game up tomorrow.

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Featured Image: AP / Jack Dempsey