Week 5 Power Rankings

As the League begins to take shape, it becomes fairly obvious, who will get the early draft picks and who will be challenging for the playoffs.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

Could be the worst team I’ve ever seen, they won’t move off the bottom.

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team lack serious leadership. Glennon probably isn’t the answer and neither is Schiano

30) Oakland Raiders

Look pretty toothless without Pryor, still better than we expected though.

29) Washington Redskins

Finally showed some life this week, but still managed to look weak.

28) Pittsburgh Steelers

0-4, probably should have them lower, but I do think they could beat any of the teams below.

27) New York Giants

Same as above, I do think this team turns it around.

26) St Louis Rams

This team is in free fall, they could be even lower. It might be time to look for a new QB.

25) Arizona Cardinals

 This team could be in trouble, if they carry on playing like they have been. But they are 2-2, that deserves some respect.

24) New York Jets

Flashes of brilliance. Definite rebuilding year for this team.

23) Philadelphia Eagles

Defence can’t keep up with the Offence, its that simple.

22) Minnesota Vikings

Finally got their first win and  a deserved one, expect this team to build on that win.

21) Carolina Panthers

Bye Week, still a decent team though.

20) Buffalo Bills

Running game looks amazing, Manuel looks better with each game.

19) Baltimore Ravens

Dropped them down here, but probably too low on them, I do expect them to improve.

18) Cleveland Browns

After the win this week, this team could easily be higher, still think they make the playoffs.

17) Cincinnati Bengals

Why higher than the Browns? I think they might be better, just having a bad day.

16) Dallas Cowboys

I still have faith in this team, but until they improve, they drop down.

15) Atlanta Falcons

Offence looks toothless, without key components, this team improve fastly, when at full strength.

14) Tennessee Titans

Huge rise for the Titans and a deserved one. This Defence is the real deal.

13) San Diego Chargers

Same as Titans. Rivers looks unstoppable this year.

12) Detroit Lions

Maybe should have them above the Bears, but I don’t think they’re as good, think they drop off after a few games.

11) Houston Texans

Annoying loss for the Texans, they made too many mistakes not to move them down,

10) Chicago Bears

Poor loss for this team, but I think they bounce back strong…maybe even beat the saints.

9) Green Bay Packers

Bye Week, but they’re still looking good.

8) Miami Dolphins

Bad loss against a great team, don’t look too deeply into it, but it does effect standings in the AFC East

7) Kansas City Chiefs

Whilst I don’t think this team can win a playoff game with this team, I do think they deserve some praise and right now this is where they deserve to be.

6) Indianapolis Colts

Improved on Defence and added a potent Running Back in Richardson. The Colts are all in.

5) New Orleans Saints

Proved they’re the real deal this week. Bring on the Bears.

4) San Francisco 49ers

With a rebound win, this team should get back on track to making their way through the playoffs.

3) New England Patriots

They’re 4-0. They have won ugly but they are getting better with each game.

2) Seattle Seahawks

Poor performance this week in many respects, the O-line is an issue, but they grind out wins.

1) Denver Broncos

No issues on this team that is suffering a number of issues in key places. They have blown out every team they’ve played. There is a very real chance this team go undefeated.

Featured Image: Bill Feig/ Associated Press