Freeman Walking the Plank and Schiano is Pushing Him

I promised to write about the Bucs a few weeks back, but holding off on this situation has let it unfold in a really interesting way.I have never been a Freeman fan. Ask anyone I have ever talked about American Football with and they will confirm that. But right now I’m feeling a little sorry for him as he gets pushed further and further into a very difficult situation.

Before we go further, it is worth noting that I don’t know what he is like at the facility, I don’t really know what he is like as a leader, but I can see some very unusual reports coming out of the Bucs facility, that you don’t see when everything is hunky dory.

Anyway in the latest episode of a drama that seems to update on a weekly basis, we have Freeman being held out of team meetings and being told he would be having a private meeting with Schiano. Initial reports state that this could have been an attempt to make it look like he missed the meetings of his own accord. The Bucs however were quick to claim that this was simply so Schiano could talk to him about the events of Monday night. Oh, yeah I should explain about that, yeah so Freemans medical details got leaked and stated that Freeman was in phase one of the NFL’s drug programme. Freeman quickly issued a statement claiming he suffered from ADHD for which he took Adderall and had mistakenly taken Ritalin at one point. He then explained he had agreed to frequent drug tests which would prove he was clean. So it sure sounds like someone wants to drag Freemans name through the mud at a pretty opportune moment.

So could it have been the Bucs? The NFLPA have taken it upon themselves to launch a full investigation into who leaked the information. It would be fairly counter productive if it turns out the Bucs leaked this, considering they are currently trying to shop him (Jags we’re looking in your direction) and even if they were looking to keep him on the team, what could you gain from this.

So what about Schiano? Schiano has a lot to lose, especially since he just had his rookie QB start his first game and in turn pick up his first loss against a pretty average team, despite having a pretty useful D. If the Glennon experiment fails I don’t think it’s too long before we see a change at head coach, as we start to look at the possibility, that the problem of this team is not the QB.

Lets take a closer look at the Bucs Head Coach, who has whipped up a media storm since arriving in the NFL. Firstly lets forget all of the “going for it on victory formations”, stuff. That’s been done to death and I think there is some more interesting stories here. Lets go straight to the Players only meeting that happened prior to the season even starting. Whilst there is no hard and fast evidence to confirm it, it would appear the conversation was about the legitimacy of Freeman losing the role of Captain. Which has to concern Schiano. Whether it was legitimate or not, his players had a level of concern that something wasn’t right and decided to call a meeting to discuss it. Then we have the outbreak of MRSA, that started with Lawrence Tynes the kicker being told he had an ingrown toenail, when he went to seek a second opinion he found out he had contracted MRSA. When asked how Tynes was responding, Schiano stated both him and Carl Nicks (who also contracted it), were doing well. Which prompted Tynes’ wife to put a picture up of her husband hooked up to a catheter and clearly not doing well. Schiano then hit the headlines again when it was reported that his Defence weren’t happy with how hard he was pushing his players, which was swiftly denied.

Right that should lead us up to last week where were told Freeman would be the backup, but then didn’t dress for the game. All in all Schiano is in trouble in Tampa. If it does turn out that Schiano was involved in the leaking of the substance abuse policy document or he rigged the vote for captain, then you can expect him to be out of a job, truthfully either way when this season ends, he will have a lot to answer for regardless.