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Superbowl Review

Well folks it’s all over and the Seahawks are the team taking home the Lombardi. Not only did they win this one, I think it would be fair to say they taught us all a lesson in how to put together a team and play this game.

Week 16: Review- Early Games

The last few weeks I’ve tried to “get into it”, a bit. This week, I have very little time I’m afraid, so I shall be keeping it brief. It will be early though!

Week 4 Power Rankings

Probably the most difficult ranking I’ve done as bad teams played well and good teams played bad. But it is obvious, there is one certainty…    

Week 3

Another crazy week in the world of the NFL. Some unexpected teams hit 0-3 and some surprise teams hit 3-0. Anyway let’s have a look.

Heroes of Canton

This weekend sees the start of the NFL preseason with the Dolphins playing the Cowboys. But before the kick off at Canton we get to see some of the great players of the past become part of NFL History and be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, the highest honour...