Week 4 Power Rankings

Probably the most difficult ranking I’ve done as bad teams played well and good teams played bad. But it is obvious, there is one certainty…    

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

No-one would argue this. On the plus side, they’re not in an awful position for the future. With a decent QB this team improves vastly

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Freeman out, Glennon in. Still near the base of this list.

30) Minnesota Vikings

After spending a day at their press conference and practice, I want to put this team higher, but I don’t think they’re better than any team below. Sorry guys

29) Washington Redskins

Awful team, with or without RGIII. The Defence needs some serious work.

28) Oakland Raiders

At 28 this team is better than we thought…which should say a lot.

27) Cleveland Browns

Finally moved them down despite win. I still think there is the core of a playoff calibre team here, but probably not this season now.

26) New York Giants

A truly terrible representation of an awesome team from a year and a half ago. I expect them to drop before they get better.

25) Pittsburgh Steelers

See above!

24) New York Jets

Better than we expected. Geno is the real deal and will eventually settle into his job, good supporting cast. This team is probably a season away from being decent.

23) Buffalo Bills

It feels like this team is pretty close too. Defence looks good, they just need some extra weapons on Offence.

22) St Louis Rams

A yo-yo team that ends this season less than .500, some talent, but Bradford has to be questioned.

21) Arizona Cardinals

Although in win now mode, this team is not good enough. Offence needs work, Defence looks good.

20) San Diego Chargers

I had this team being so much worse than this. They’re not…what more can I say!

19) Carolina Panthers

Great Defence. Truly Great Defence. Cam has the chance to move this team up, but I can’t see it happening.

18) Detroit Lions

Won the last game despite a lack of Reggie Bush. Despite improvements on last year, I think Jim Schwartz is under some serious pressure.

17) Tennessee Titans

Another Surprise team, if Locker can keep it up. I’ll move them up.

16) Philadelphia Eagles

Defence can’t keep up with the Offence, who keep going for explosive plays rather than quick short yard gains.

15) Atlanta Falcons

They have ALL the injuries, which has led to a drop off in play. I would imagine they improve towards the end of the season.

14) Cincinnati Bengals

Could be higher. This team is loaded with talent at every position… Expect them to ascend the Power Rankings.

13) Kansas City Chiefs

They’ll make very few mistakes, but if they get behind, they’ll be in trouble.

12) Houston Texans

Not a terrible team, but not a great one either. They desperate need a spark to kick start a lethargic run game.

11) Baltimore Ravens

They seem to have flashes of brilliance, despite changes they are very similar team to last year, they just seem to throw more.

10) San Francisco 49ers 

I am confident that this is a short rut and the Niners will be out of it before you know it, but for the time being I’ve dropped them a little.

9) Dallas Cowboys

I still like this team for the Super bowl. I don’t think both the Broncos and the Seahawks make it and I think there will be a team to capitalize in the play-offs and that could be the Cowboys. For the time being though I’ve moved them down until we see more performances like the one against the Rams. The NFC East is really theirs to lose.

8) Miami Dolphins

Is this a surprise? We all saw the pieces they added, but we’re put off by pre-season. Now they seem to be getting better with every game.

7) Indianapolis Colts

Finally, against the Niners the Defence stepped up, making this a pretty close to complete team. I have them winning the AFC South.

6) Green Bay Packers

Yup 1-2, but the nature of those loses means they still look pretty good. They have a ton of injuries, but they had a ton of injuries when they won the Super bowl.

5) Chicago Bears

The Bears look great this year. The Defence is looking good; Jay is looking clutch and the O-line look mean. My main concerns are. Have they really faced any decent competition? Could the season fall apart when they do? Also Henry Melton. A huge loss to the Defensive line.

4) New Orleans Saints

Huge jump for the Saints but a deserved one. The Defence looks great and the Offence has Drew Brees, looks like a power shift in the NFC South.

3) New England Patriots

I still have the Patriots winning the whole thing. They’re another team that is getting better and better with every game. I had to move them down for the time being though to make room for the…

2) Seattle Seahawks

I think most people have this the other way round, either way these two teams are clearly the form teams. I literally only have the Hawks no. 2 because they don’t have Peyton Manning.

1) Denver Broncos

They do have Peyton Manning and a ton of players due back very soon. This tea are epically good, they could be in the running for the Super bowl.

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Main Image: AP Photo/AJ Mast