Fourth Week of Fantasy

Apologies for missing a quick prediction of our match ups. You may read the matchup previews and maybe find them quite amusing like I do. So here is my quick take on the League of Gridiron Gentlemen week for strategic sporting battles towards the final glory.

Isengard Hobbits @ Clowning for Clooney

Both teams are coming back from their first losses of the season. Now I think this could be a close game, closer than is predicted. Saying that if Reggie Bush, Arian Foster and A.J. Green all perform as they can do, then really this will be enough. So I still expect the Clowns to steal the show.


East Rutherford Massive @ Wanted Dez or Alive

It does look like the Massive have may be forgotten to check their roster as they have an empty slot that needs to be filled and Greg Olsen on a bye week. With this as the current standing on writing I have no hesitation in saying the Wanted will keep their winning streak Alive.

Pacific Grove Smugglers @ Monculus Testiculese

The Testiculese won by a close shave last week. This week it could be a greater margin unless the injured Shonn Greene is swapped out. But I would not like to bet against the combination of P. Manning, McCoy, Bernard and Marshall even with DeMarco Murray, Megatron, Jared Cook and Garcon (who is against the Raiders who have allowed 733 passing yds). So I am going with the Smugglers probably coming out with the smug look.

The Ginger Gentlemen @ Puttin’ on the Blitz

Ah I say, another Gridiron Gentlemen matchup. The Blitz did that last week to seal their first win and look to repeat this in a Gentlemanly manner. And this will happen if the Ginger Gentlemen forget to switch out Randall Cobb and Graham Gano (though I believe to make a point the Gingers may leave out a kicker). I feel this is actually a game as close as predicted (though the Blitz may wish to pick a new defense, the Packers are on a bye). It depends if Wilson plays well against a tough Texan defence who have only allowed 473 net pass yards (33yds more than the Seahawks). Ok so as it stands I am going to say the Blitz will take this.

Just Win Maybe @ Innsmouth Mutants

The Mutants need to fill their slot and the Just need to swap out Starks. As I suspect they will, Just Win may Just do that. Sorry I know I should say more so yeah this week RG3 will score more than predicted and so will Daryl Richardson. Or some combination of two players will win it (RG3 + 1).

New York Ninjas @ Inglorious Gonads

Will the Gonads receive a flying kick? Unlikely, though the Ninjas are 0-3 they have been in close matches and both teams are strong this week. All depends if Vernon Davis plays tonight (unlikely) as a good showing from him could save it for the Gonads. At the same time I doubt Gronk will score so well for the Pats and Ninjas if he returns. Saying that I am going to go with my gut instinct and actually say the Ninjas could get their first win. The skills!


Green Eggs and Graham @ Gridion Gentlemen

At moment this will be an easy victory for the current leaders. The Gridions need a QB, a WR and additional flex position. Without these they stand nae chance. So with the shortest overview, the Grahams will again eggs-cel.


So there we are, good luck teams and enjoy the games, especially the first UK game of the season. Do not forget to keep checking our Facebook and Twitter feed for updates.


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