Week 4 Predictions

Last week I finally finished top of the pile, but Duncan leads in the long run. Enter and welcome to new Gentleman Charlie who will be working on our social media and has been at two press days this week for the Vikings.

The table as it stands.

Duncan 2

Jon 1

Dan 1

Charlie 0

Let’s get on with the predictions, two teams not playing this week (Packers, Panthers), so still a pretty full schedule.

San Francisco 49ers @ St Louis Rams

Two NFC West teams in a bit of a funk. One team however on paper should be dominating. I think they get it back tonight against a Rams team in disarray.

Dan: Niners Win

Duncan: Niners Win

Jon: Niners Win

Charlie: Niners Win

Baltimore Ravens @ Buffalo Bills

Are the Bills the real deal? Can the Ravens keep up what they started last week? I think so.

Dan: Ravens Win

Duncan: Ravens Win

Jon: Ravens Win

Charlie: Ravens Win

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

I still have faith in this Browns team and I think they shock the inform Bengals team.

Dan: Browns Win

Duncan: Bengals Win

Jon: Bengals Win

Charlie: Bengals Win

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

The Lions have looked pretty sharp over the past few weeks, but I think the Bears and the power of blanket cape (listen to this week’s pod), lift the Bears to 4-0

Dan: Bears Win

Duncan: Bears Win

Jon: Bears Win

Charlie: Bears Win

Seattle Seahawks @ Houston Texans

Texans look good, but the Seahawks look great, I think this is the game that defines the clear line between where the Seahawks are at and where the rest of the league is.

Dan: Seahawks Win

Duncan: Seahawks Win

Jon: Seahawks Win

Charlie: Seahawks Win

Indianapolis Colts @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Any game against the Jags could always read. (Insert team name), have a better Offence and a better Defence than the Jags. (Insert team name), should dominate this one

Dan: Colts Win

Duncan: Colts Win

Jon: Colts Win

Charlie: Colts Win

New York Giants @ Kansas City Chiefs

The Giants lack any form at the moment and could be considered a bit of a mess. The Chiefs are neat and methodical. I did for a bit think an upset might be on the cards but…

Dan: Chiefs Win

Duncan: Chiefs Win

Jon: Chiefs Win

Charlie: Giants Win

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Minnesota Vikings in London

This week me and Charlie got up close and personal with the Vikings when we went to watch them practice, we both decided we really liked the “training camp”, atmosphere and agreed this could be a turning point for this team. The Steelers don’t arrive till Friday, which could cause problems with Jet Lag.

Dan: Vikings Win

Duncan: Vikings Win

Jon: Vikings Win

Charlie: Vikings Win

Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

A Cards team who are dropping off the boil and a Bucs team in disarray could cause a crazy match up that could go either way. I however think the Bucs take this one.

Dan: Buccaneers Win

Duncan: Buccaneers Win

Jon: Cards Win

Charlie: Cards Win

New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans

Two surprise teams battle it out to retain a decent record. The Titans defence looks unstoppable at the moment so…

Dan: Titans Win

Duncan: Jets Win

Jon: Titans Win

Charlie: Titans Win

Philadelphia Eagles @ Denver Broncos

I alluded to the idea that this could be a surprise win for the Eagles. I now think that’s ridiculous.

Dan: Broncos Win

Duncan: Broncos Win

Jon: Broncos Win

Charlie: Broncos Win

Washington Redskins @ Oakland Raiders

Exactly how bad are the Redskins? I guess we find out in this game, as two teams with a Running Back, Quarterback and nothing else square off.

Dan: Redskins Win

Duncan: Redskins Win

Jon: Raiders Win

Charlie: Redskins Win

Dallas Cowboys @ San Diego Chargers

Both Romo and Rivers have found their form. I think the Cowboys build on a great result last week.

Dan: Cowboys Win

Duncan: Cowboys Win

Jon: Chargers Win

Charlie: Cowboys Win

New England Patriots @ Atlanta Falcons

Similar to the Cowboys, I think the Patriots continue their outstanding play from last week against a valiant but injury riddled Falcons team.

Dan: Patriots Win

Duncan: Patriots Win

Jon: Falcons Win

Charlie: Patriots Win

Miami Dolphins @ New Orleans Saints

A battle of 3-0 teams. How good is this Dolphins team? Probably not good enough to win this game,

Dan: Saints Win

Duncan: Saints Win

Jon: Dolphins Win

Charlie: Saints Win

And that’s week 4’s predictions in the bag. Feel free to send us your predictions on twitter: @gridirongents, facebook.com/gridirongentlemen or email hellochaps@gridirongentlemen.com

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