The Final Fantasy: Week 16 hints and tips

It is Finals week! Yes Fantasy Championship deciders are all this week and then Fantasy is over for another year (boo!) Like a few people I forgot that there were two games on Saturday and so did not get round to completing my strategy for the final week of Fantasy. Weirdly I am playing in all three leagues this week, in the consolation bracket in two (though did win one game last week) and 3rd place play-off in the PPR league. With six teams already played let us look at what to do and whom to play for this evenings games. This is a long one.

Hopefully you did start Frank Gore, who scored 20+ points this week. Mark Sanchez would have been a good QB to pick up and I have just seen Riley Cooper scored 17.9 points. Eddie Royal also was a good one to start but I had Malcom Floyd and he got me a tidy 11 points.

Riley Cooper probably would have appeared on my list today as would Zach Ertz but I digress. Also I am not going to talk about Quarterbacks. I do not think there are any major issues and for the final game, as important as they are, by now you should know who to start or will just be keeping on with the same one as always.

On receivers

A few names jump out when I look at the list of available players. The first is Charles Johnson of the Vikings, he has been a bit hit or miss, but did put up points against the Lions and it looks like he is getting more looks from Bridgewater. So quite hard not to think he could make a good flex position. On the other side, Jarvis Landry of the Dolphins has been similar to Johnson, though a bit more consistent. Not high scores but again, scores that make him a nice flex option.

It does seem that every week I am writing something about Robert Wood the forgotten Bills receiver. He has had some poor weeks recently as the Bills have gone more with the run game but against Oakland the matchup has to be considered favourable. The same goes for Chris Hogan. Finally for this small list is Cole Beasley. He is very much hit or miss and I think it does depend on how well a defence shuts down Terrance Williams or even focuses on Dez Bryant as the Cowboys close in on the end-zone. I could be very wrong, but I think Beasley could have a good game against the Colts. When there are many receiving options, the Colts do seem to struggle slightly. Only circumstance I would start Cole is if I have faith in the rest of the team to score big, i.e. if I had Frank Gore and have Le’Veon Bell plus Jordy Nelson then Cole could make a flex feature.

I would also start Marques Colston or Kenny Stills this week as a no.2 or flex. Odell Beckham is likely to be one of the only players to shine against an ever improving Rams defence. Naturally you are going to start him, even possibly as a no.1 especially if you are still struggling with a Brandon Marshall replacement. And yes, I am starting Alshon, I have to. I would even possibly start Steadman Bailey (I actually may start Bailey). I think the Giants are a favourable opposition and Bailey seems to be getting quite a few catches in recent weeks. Only one end zone look in, but in fantasy terms he has been outscoring Tavon Austin and Kenny Britt. I also like Mike Evans another player that pretty well makes a quarterback look better than they are. Yes the Packers are a hard match-up but I think stick with him.

On runningbacks

Just going to say, make sure you do start Joique Bell not often talked about in fantasy, but over last four weeks he has been a top 10 fantasy RB. Also, hats off to Tre Mason, I think you should start him this week, he is up against the Giants who early in a game can stop the run but eventually they wear down, so I am expecting some good points from Tre.

Argh if only this player was available in the leagues I’m in! Latavius Murray is still available in 75% of leagues (just none that I am in, up against some wily fantasy players). The Bills are generally not a favourable team to go up against,but remember that C.J. Anderson ran them ragged and I think Murray could do the same. I would start him as my no.2. Instead I am starting Isaiah Crowell. He has really risen up for the Browns, who are definitely not missing Trent. The match-up is OK, against a Panthers side that has been somewhat disappointing. But Jonathan Stewart has been a silver lining to the Panthers black cloud of a season. DeAngelo Williams is out this week so Stewart will get the carries. Start him as your no.2 and he is available in 62% of leagues!

Another player who I think you should start as a no.2 or as a flex is the Colts’ Dan Herron. Available in 74% of leagues he has a favourable match-up against a Cowboys defence that has allowed the fourth most rushing touchdowns. As long as Herron holds onto the ball he should get you good points.

With Rashad Jennings out, Andre Williams does make some sense to start, though admittedly I was looking towards Matt Asiata as he has had a good few weeks. So some thinking for me, because the Rams do not give up that many points it turns out to the run game, but then again Williams has looked good and will be the lead rusher for the Giants. Then again I have just discovered that Doug Martin, the muscle hamster himself is available in one of the leagues. I have a strong temptation to take him and start him, as he has slowly been building fantasy momentum again. And the Packers do give up fantasy points to the rushing game. Again, Doug should only be started as a no.2 or flex back.

On tight ends

In the PPR league, I should have started Zach Ertz, he might have been one of my recommendations it is just he has been a bit hit or miss. TE has been a hard position to predict and a hard one to fill. All the good ones will have been taken, or will they? The Bills Scot Chandler is generally available, a bit hit or miss (a bit like most of the Bills receiving corps) but if you are struggling then of all match-ups it is not a bad one against the Raiders.

In PPR leagues I think Coby Fleener is a better bet than Dwayne Allen but you are going to have one or the other. Of some that are available, Richard Rodgers and Anthony Fasano kind of stand out. Again I think both are a bit hit or miss, but Rodgers has had a few targets from his other more well known namesake Aaron, and Fasano is just another receiving option for Alex Smith. It is a tough week for the Chiefs at the Steelers, I would favour Kelce but Fasano could be a hit or miss option if you are desperate. My quandary is between Kelce and Dwayne Allen. I generally have stuck with Allen but this week I am not so sure. Allen over last four weeks has been injured or had poor performances but generally has been OK and even missing four games and getting a 0.5 one week,he makes the top 10 fantasy TE’s of the season. Which has solved my problem. Any others out there? Well if you have Jason Whitten and Larry Donnell this is a hard one. I think Whitten has the more favourable match-up and would start him, though I will be starting Donnell as I do not have another option. I may also consider Charles Clay who has come to the fore as a receiving option for Tannehill, perhaps more suited to a PPR situation as Clay doesn’t get endzone look ins but he does get yards and receptions.

Last line of defence

I know, I do not normally look at def/st but it is finals week and we all want to finish on a bang. Options are a bit thin on the ground, pretty well the top def/st have been taken. Over the last four weeks the Rams have been the top team to have and this week they do have a favourable game against Eli who does like to throw an interception. You have a 28% chance that they are still available in your league.

Surprisingly the Colts feature as a top def/st fantasy option and they are available in 82% of leagues! I am not sure if the Cowboys are a good match-up and they do get sacks and interceptions.

Over the last four weeks the Giants have been the third top fantasy def/st. Again they are available in most leagues. I am not sure about the match-up against the Rams as most of the points in the last few weeks have been against weaker teams than the Rams. Then again the Giants have been good at getting to quarterbacks so yeah why not start them. I think these three teams are likely to be better options than the Panthers and the Chiefs this week.

Kick into touch

And finally kickers, as Novak won it for the Chargers yesterday, your kicker could be the game decider. I think by now you probably are comfortable with whom you have but just in case I have had a look to see who might be available. For me Dan Carpenter (second top fantasy point scorer over last four weeks) and Graham Gano do have favourable games. I always look for games where it is likely the kicker is going to get either a lot of PATs or they are going to rely on fieldgoals. Hauschka of the Seahawks and Catanzaro for the Cardinals are likely to be busy (Catanzaro is likely to be the only points scorer for the Cards). I have liked Connor Barth for the Broncos and is definitely a good option this week. He has been a very steady points scorer and actually I’m tempted to try and get him (oh yes I have Randy Bullock in one team). Though I am going to keep Gostkowski in one team and Hauschka in the other. Josh Brown for the Giants is likely to be busy as well.

And that is it, I will leave you now as I go and try and grab Connor Barth (unless I have Carpenter). Good luck to all in this our final fantasy week. Thank you for reading over the last 16 weeks, I hope my tips have on occasion been helpful or at least made you think. I will be back with a quick re-cap and announcing the League of Gridiron Gentlemen Champion of 2014.

Until then,

Toodle pip!