The Gridiron Gentlemen’s Super Fun Prediction League: Week 7

Welcome back and apologies for the week off last week (I took my 1st Gents sick day!). anyway in the space of 2 weeks it’s tightened up a little in the prediction league thanks in no small part to our continued faith in the little engine that couldn’t known as the Cleveland Browns. At one point or another we’ve all fallen for their plucky never say die spirit and lost a result because of it. Anyway as you can see James still has a commanding lead at the top, but an uncharacteristic good week from me has seen the gap closed to 4 games (thank you Richard Sherman and referees that missed that PI call).

James: 56-35

Dave: 51-40

Simon: 51-40

Duncan: 51-40

Dan: 52-39

Week 7 brings with it another International Series game (if you’re reading this on the way, enjoy) and a number of very tempting potential elaborate ruse games. Let’s however start with some sad news for this particular gent.


Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

As predicted a loss to the Chicago Bears. Rodgers didn’t get back to his best, but he did get good enough to win this game.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers  
24-10 28-24 27-17  21-19 21-14


New York Giants @ LA Rams

Some fun games in London this year. The biggest potential mismatch in this one could be the Giants overloaded, underused group of receivers against a beaten up Trumaine Johnson-less Rams secondary. Don’t write off a potential big game from Gurley. We know he’s due…

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Giants Giants Giants Giants Rams  
21-14 24-16 31-14 31-21 24-21


New Orleans Saints @ Kansas City Chiefs

Drew Brees against Marcus Peters could be a fun matchup here, but the big difference could be the Chiefs ability to run on a porous Saints defence.


Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Chiefs Saints Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs  
34-21 33-30 27-23 24-17 24-21


Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles

If the Eagles thought the Washington defence was a challenge, then this will have caused Carson Wentz a few sleepless nights. Without Lane Johnson the Eagles have lost their best lineman. Wentz needs to get the ball out quickly and definitely not try and run.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Vikings Vikings Vikings Vikings Vikings  
21-10 27-20 20-19 13-10 20-17


Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

In time for halloween it looks like the Titans have risen from the dead and actually look pretty shifty. A win against the Colts would have them removed from my “dead to me” list.a

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Titans Titans Titans Titans Colts  
28-17 35-33 27-23 27-21 24-21


Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins

A surprise win against the Steelers should give the Dolphins a little confidence, but this is a buzz saw game. whereas the Steelers didn’t want to run the ball, the Bills will run the ball down Miami’s throat. I think this could be an ugly one for ‘Phins fans.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Bills Bills Bills Bills Bills  
41-10 33-16 31-10  47-10 21-10


Washington @ Detroit Lions

I’m genuinely looking forward to this one. Matt Stafford is over-performing. Washington’s defence are over-performing. This should be a fun matchup.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Wash Lions Lions Lions Wash  
21-16 23-17 24-17 28-24 24-20


Browns @ Bengals

The temptation to pick the Browns amongst the Gents is always there, despite all of us having our fingers burned at one point or another throughout the season. That being said AJ Green against a weak Browns secondary should see him go off in this game.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Bengals Bengals Bengals Bengals Browns  
28-20 30-21 27-19 31-21 21-20


Oakland Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars

If this was the off-season we’d be talking about how this was a match-up between 2 playoff contenders and you know what… it kinda is, although for the Jags it’s because the AFC South still looks like the AFC South. Only 1 team in this matchup has lived up to expectation.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders Raiders  
31-16 21-18 28-26 34-28 28-23  


Baltimore Ravens @ New York Jets

A game between 2 struggling teams here that will see one team desperate for a win, get one. Personally I think this one’s a coin flip, but the Gents went with Ravens 4-1.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Jets Ravens Ravens Ravens Ravens  
17-14 16-13 24-10 27-10 20-13


San Diego Chargers @ Atlanta Falcons

Is this the offensive game of the week? Oh I think so! The Chargers have been rolling, despite being bested a number of times by the curse that fallen on this team. The Falcons look like the best offence in the league. But if we know anything about the Falcons, historically this doesn’t tend to last. This could be a really fun game and help decide just what these teams are.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons  
37-31 35-33 30-24 48-38 31-27


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers

If the last one was potentially the game of the week, this… isn’t. Both teams are struggling, but the Bucs are struggling slightly less. That’s all I got.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Bucs Niners Bucs Bucs Bucs  
31-17 17-14 17-10 17-13 21-17


New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Up until last week this was set to be a heck of a game. Then in a loss to the Dolphins, Roethlisberger went down injured, leaving Landry Jones as the Steelers no.1 option at QB, which has historically not worked out for them. Anyway they go up against the Patriots. We’ll leave that there.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
41-21 28-24 28-17 37-0 42-13


Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals

Is it fair to say that these 2 teams have finally found their feet? Well the Seahawks seem to be rolling, despite the odd dodgy play. The Cards seem to have got it going, but don’t look that solid, although you can’t write off Larry and David Johnson. Expect a tough fought game between the NFC West’s 2 best teams.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Seahawks Cards Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks  
34-31 24-21 20-14 31-21 28-21


Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos

Brock goes into Denver against a defence that he knows is one of the best in the league, with a giant interception shaped monkey on his back. Denver need to get back on track. This could be a statement game for the current Superbowl holders.

Dan Duncan Simon James Dave
Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
21-13 21-16  20-17 24-3 28-17


Enjoy the game at Twickenham guys and enjoy some great defensive matchups.