The perfect bunch for a fantasy wine and dine

Week 1 is done and the first results are in, do not be disheartened if you lost, most results were tight and most matches ebbed and flowed and much was based on how your draft went (or if you tinkered too much with your pick list so that you ended up with a bit of a mess but still came out on top). It is now time to focus on week 2 and here I will see if there is anything to be learnt from week 1 (just numbers not real stats yet) and if there are folk to look out for.

Before I commence with my diatribe, I will mention my League of Gridiron Gentlemen Team of the Week: Congratulations to the Pacific Grove Smugglers, very canny picks in the draft leading to an impressive win. Two key picks being LeSean McCoy and of course, Peyton Manning. But I particularly like the strategy of having Joe Flacco on the bench.


As talking about QBs, I will start with them. Peyton Manning obviously deserves a mention. Not that anybody would dream of trading him or benching him but he tops the QB performances this week. 7 passing touchdowns with NO interceptions. Not just that he threw for 462 yards and had a completion rate of 9 per 14 attempted nearly a 2:3 success rate. A tidy 46.28 fantasy points as well. Manning was one of only 8 others not to throw an interception, the others being: Colin Kaepernick (equivalent of 9 completed for every 13 attempted), Andrew Luck (18 out of 23 complete or 78% success rate), Alex Smith, EJ Manuel, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton and Jake Locker. What is interesting to note is that EJ Manuel is most likely going to be available on either as a waiver or free agent in many leagues. As a note he was 16th for QBs in terms of fantasy points, with 2 passing touchdowns. He is one to watch as in three games he has played he has scored at least 1 passing touchdown. So he may be worth picking up soon as an alternate back up QB or as a potential trade.


Might as well move on to running backs. Adrian Peterson just seemed to carry on from where he left off with a 78 yard carry for a touchdown, totalling 93 yards rushing (with another TD) and 18 receiving with a touchdown there as well. 29.1 points thank you very much. But let us not forget Reggie Bush managed 90 yards rushing and an impressive 101yards receiving with alas one receiving touchdown. 25.1 points most handy. Really there is not much to say as all the top running backs Anybody who might be available and worth picking up? Well Jackie Battle if Shonn Greene is injured and you could possibly try Isaac Redman. If Jamaal Charles suffers any injuries then look at Knile Davis or Anthony Sherman. With Vereen injured then LeGarrette Blount could see more carries and therefore greater chance of points. In a new fantasy podcast I suggested Roy Helu as a pick as he could see some carries if Alfred Morris is targeted by defences.


So wide receivers, there is a greater depth of players than previously thought and certainly some potential gems just waiting to be cut. Good week for Victor Cruz and AJ Green, Demaryius Thomas and Anquin Boldin. Pretty well all the top draft picks did well though I am going to highlight something: Anquin Boldin has he highest receiving yardage at 208 (20.8pts) but with only 1 td gives you 26.8pts. Three touchdowns for Victor Cruz gives you 18pts straight out. Add 11.8pts for 118 receiving yards (lowest of the top four) and you have the top WR for week 1. Touchdowns people. With that in mind who is available and a possible look in? Leonard Hankerson possibly? He had a good night and until the Redskins find a rhythm and maybe use Alfred Morris then Hankerson could get you points. The advice is do not expect such points every week but given the Packers are a sterner defence (only allowing 90 net yards rushing against the 49ers) RG3 is more likely going to have to pass and spread the ball like he did against the Eagles and so Hankerson could find the end zone again. Julian Endelman is up there as well and is probably a safer bet. Given Amendola’s niggling groin, Endelman could continue to see the ball hurtling into his hands as he makes his short bursts into the end zone. Probably a safer bet than Hankerson. Marlon Brown and Jermaine Kearse are still available as is Doug Boldwin and Rod Streater. All available in the majority of leagues. I like Kearse as he seems to have continued with his pre-season form. In three out of four games he scored a touchdown and now in first game regular season he scores a touchdown. I am sticking my neck out here but I would say Kearse could be good as a trade piece or as a flex position. Streater had most receptions from Pryor against the Colts and looked ok. Against the Jaguars he may score big along with Run DMC Fadden. All the players mentioned scored at least 7.5 points and look to be able to replicate this. Come end of next week see if this holds true.


What a week for tight ends. The obvious available choice is Julius Thomas (is or was available in most leagues). Do not bother if you are in the League of Gridiron Gentlelmen. Before my conscience took over I put in a request and having been last pick in the draft, I was first pick waiver wire. Thus he is mine. But if he is available in other leagues he is worth a shout. He may not score as highly as he did but with Manning possibly spreading the ball as he did and seeming to favour Thomas for two of his seven touchdowns then Thomas is likely to do pretty well this season. Even Manning is quoted in saying how will defences cope with Thomas. Jared Cook top scored for tight ends with 24.1pts (without that fumble would have been 26.1pts) but he is available in only 18% of leagues. Any notable currently available? Kellen Winslow if injury allows, is forecast to for an integral part of the structure that is the Jets offence. Indeed, he is available in the majority of leagues as is Brent Celek who could be worth a trade later on. Dallas Clark and Garrett Graham are probably slightly risky bets but the Texans use their tight ends in the end zone so Graham could easily see 6pts per game. These two are available in pretty well all leagues.


Ah and now we come to kickers and defences. In summary there are plenty out there and some good ones as well. Do not be put off taking the Bucs or the Chiefs, a losing defence can still score well if they make a lot of sacks, take a few interceptions or the special team makes a punt return touchdown. The Bengals are available in most leagues and are currently the top projected defence scorers.

Kickers well there are lots but maybe look for those that are likely to score field goals. I think this may be a Dolphins ploy so Sturgis may surprise. David Akers and Rob Bironas are available as is Josh Brown, all good at the field goal. Remember up to 49yd field goal is 3pts over 49yds is 5pts.

So now it is fair game to go and get players and set your roster for week 2 which kicks off on Thursday.


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