Week 1 Predictions

Every week we will provide predictions for the coming weeks games. Usually I will get the predictions of all the Gentlemen, but as I am rather doing this in kind of a hurry, this week it’ll just be me and our Fantasy General Duncan.

Also, obviously this week we’ve missed the first game, but its worth noting I had a Ravens win…which I was totally wrong about.

Patriots @ Bills

Will Gronk play wont he? He wont, but still this looks like it should be a cake walk for the Patriots. Byrd and Gilmore are both out for the Bills leaving the secondary looking a mess. EJ Manuel is probably going to start for the Bills and whilst he has looked good in the Preseason, he’ll probably out of his depth against the Patriots.

Dan: Patriots Win

Duncan: Patriots Win

Seahawks @ Panthers

This game on paper is rather one-sided. In actuality it might be a closer game than people would think. The Panthers Defence could cause some problems for Wilson, with Kuechly looking in Defensive Player of Year form. That being said Cam goes up against the Seahawks Defence and the ‘Legion of Boom’ (argh) and could really struggle to put together a decent passing Offence.

Dan: Seahawks Win

Duncan: Seahawks Win

Bengals @ Bears

This is set to be a close one. The Bengals continue to look great with an epic Defence that will cause problems for pretty much any team and an Offence that is still as high-powered as ever with AJ Green and Sanu set for huge seasons. The Bears are different animal from last year. Tressman at Head Coach and a revamped O-line should mean a higher powered Offence. This game could go either way.

Dan: Bears Win

Duncan: Bear Win…probably

Dolphins @ Browns

Another close one here. Both teams have been through serious changes over the Off-season. The Dolphins have worries of O-line, but it seems that Tannehill and Wallace are beginning to find a rapport. The Dolphins Defence looks scary and will no doubt be a forced to be reckoned with. They are however going up against an incredible Browns O-line. Richardson is set for a huge season and Weedon is looking good to improve on a below average season last year. The Browns Defence are the difference makers to me and will get them the win.

Dan: Browns Win

Duncan: Dolphins Win

Vikings @ Lions

This could very well be the battle for 3 and 4 in the NFC North. I have issues with the Vikings Defence and as such probably can’t keep up with Stafford throwing to Bush and Johnson. We can’t ignore Adrian Peterson who will always score points, even against a strong Lions Defence. Regardless though…

Dan: Lions Win

Duncan: Lions Win

Raiders @ Colts.

This one won’t be close. The Raiders are terrible and the Colts are looking great. Andrew Luck was my bold prediction for league MVP and is surrounded by some very talented Receivers. Should be an easy Colts win.

Dan: Colts Win

Duncan: Colts Win

Chiefs @ Jaguars

The Chiefs are massively improved this year. The Jags…aren’t. I can’t see this being a close game. Alex Smith will slowly but surely move the Chiefs downfield and score on the majority of their drives. The Jags could be playing a Blaine Gabbert with a crook thumb. On a good day he’s good for a few interceptions and this isn’t going to be a good day.

Dan: Chiefs Win

Duncan: Chiefs Win

Falcons @ Saints

A good one here. Both teams have great QBs. Both teams have great Wide Receivers and both teams have awful Defences. There could very well be a massive amount of points scored here, but I think the Saints win with the home advantage.

Dan: Saints Win

Duncan: Saints Win

Buccaneers @ Jets

Game of the Week! Well, maybe not. Two of quite possibly the worst teams in the league square up against each other in a flurry of mishaps. This game will probably be a stinker. I don’t like either QB, I don’t like the Defences and I don’t like the Wide Receivers. I think Doug Martin will be the difference, even against a decent Bucs Run-Defence.

Dan: Buccaneers Win

Duncan: Buccaneers Win

Titans @ Steelers

It seems a lot of people are down on the Titan and high on the Steelers. I am the reverse however. I love the Titans Secondary and think that Locker might actually do something this year. That being said, in this game I’m taking the Steelers. I think Roethlisberger comes out firing and is too much for the Titans.

Dan: Steelers Win

Duncan: Steelers Win

Packers @ Niners

This is rapidly becoming a grudge match. Clay Mathews wants to take out Kaepernick and Jim Harbaugh just can’t stop whingeing about it. In all seriousness this should be a great game. The Packers have found a run game and Rodgers is still Rodgers. The Niners are still the same awesome team they were last year. Anyway in a close match I think…

Dan: Niners Win

Duncan: Niners Win

Cardinals @ Rams

Both the Cardinals & Rams have vastly improved their teams this year. Unfortunately its in a division with 2 of the best teams in the league. In this game they have a chance to get one up on one another. The Rams look improved on D and are improved at Receiver. However the Cards have made the move to bring in QB Carson Palmer, which should bring Fitzgerald, Roberts and Floyd back in the game. After a low scoring game I’m gonna take the Rams.

Dan: Rams Win

Duncan: Rams Win

Giants @ Cowboys

Oooooh grudge match. Great way to start the season here. The Cowboys look amazing this year with Dez on the verge of setting the league on fire and taking home an MVP award. The Giants look like they’re running on empty. They have injuries at Running Back and are seriously missing some Linebacker talent.

Dan: Cowboys Win

Duncan: Cowboys Win

Eagles @ Redskins

Another NFC East Division match. Who knows here. I think the Eagles are going to take some time to settle into their new system. The Redskins will have their fingers crossed that RGIII comes back as the same player as last year. In a close game I’m taking the Redskins

Dan: Redskins Win

Duncan: Redskins Win

Texans @ Chargers

This could be a blow out. The Texans have a healthy Offence and the same Defence as last year. The Chargers look awful. The O-line is awful, Rivers looks terrible, the Defence looks dreadful and Ryan Matthews is made of glass. This is an easy one.

Dan: Texans Win

Duncan: Texans Win

So that’s our predictions this week. As you can see, we agreed on most things, so we’ll live and die by these results.

Enjoy the games!

Main Image: Tim Sharp/ AP Photo

Featured Image: Michael Dwyer/ AP