Week 11: Picks

An unreal lineup of games in the coming week, so lets get to it.

Yes its happened! In the same weeks the Jags get a win, Charlie has predicted the most weeks results correct. We’re still all rubbish at it though.

Dan: 4

Duncan: 4

Jon: 3


Charlie: 2

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

It’s the Thursday Night Game! The Colts are probably the better team here, but after a short week and an upset that pretty much no-one saw coming this could be an embarrassing game on the big stage. Look for Richardson to do something…maybe, literally anything would be nice.

Dan: Colts Win


Duncan: Colts Win


Charlie: Colts Win

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

Good Geno, bad Geno? We just don’t know. What we do know is the Bills of late have found a variety of ways to lose and this game against the J-E-T-S Defence could prove too much for them.

Dan: Jets Win


Duncan: Bills Win


Charlie:Jets Win

Baltimore Ravens @ Chicago Bears

The Ravens are trying their hardest to make sure they completely blow any chances of winning the AFC North. The Bears have more injuries than an amateur Knife throwing contest. Should be a good game.

Dan: Ravens Win

Duncan: Bears Win

Charlie: Bears Win

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals

Does anyone want to win the AFC North? Despite momentum changing Hail Mary throws, the Bengals are really good at finding ways to lose. The Browns look sharp, but will happily switch back to losing at any point.

Dan: Browns Win

Duncan: Browns Win

Charlie: Bengals Win

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans

Yup, well done Dan, the Raiders Defence is really good…how wrong was I. I think Keenum carves them up in this one.

Dan: Texans Win

Duncan: Texans Win

Charlie: Texans Win

Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags won a game! This one could end 0-0. Palmer throws the ball to the Cards, the Jags do nothing on Offence, then they punt the ball back to the Cards… Its the circle of life…kinda

Dan: Jags Win…AGAIN!

Duncan: Cards Win

Charlie: Jags Win

Washington @ Philadelphia Eagles

Washington have RGIII back to close to his best. The Eagles are playing unreal. This could beĀ  a chance for the Eagles to topple the Cowboys from the top of the NFC East, as they seem to have fallen asleep up there.

Dan: Eagles Win

Duncan: Eagles Win

Charlie: Washington Win

Detroit Lions @Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben rightfully nervous in this one, as Suh and Fairly don’t try and ‘kill’, him, but he might end up eating a lot of dirt.

Dan: Lions Win

Duncan: Lions Win

Charlie: Lions Win

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs could actually go 2-8 here. Thats ridiculous considering how badly they’ve been playing. Matt Ryan could become very aware of Revis Island in this game.

Dan:Bucs Win

Duncan: Bucs Win

Charlie: Falcons Win

San Diego Chargers @ Miami Dolphins

2 cold weather teams here…In all seriousness, at the level the Chargers have been playing, its very hard to imagine the Dolphins winning. They may however possibly end up with more than 2 Rushing Yards… yup 2. Thats really bad.

Dan: Chargers Win

Duncan: Chargers Win

Charlie: Chargers Win

San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints

A lot of over reacting to Kaepernicks play in the previous game (it wasn’t great to be fair), I do however think he does just enough for a Niners loss.

Dan: Saints Win

Duncan: Saints Win

Charlie: Saints Win

Green Bay Packers @ New York Giants

The exceptionally opportunist Giants once again play a team without their starting QB- who is probably the best in the league. The Packers have little else, so I would be surprised if this is a healthy Giants win.

Dan: Giants Win

Duncan: Giants Win

Charlie: Giants Win

Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks have a habit of making these games look harder than they should but still getting the result. I don’t really see anything different here.

Dan: Seahawks Win…just.

Duncan: Seahawks Win

Charlie: Seahawks Win

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

The big game, great D vs Great O. I CANNOT WAIT TILL THIS ONE

Dan: Broncos Win

Duncan: Chiefs Win:

Charlie: Broncos Win

New England Patriots @ Carolina Panthers

Another great game here, The Panthers have hit form, but how long will it last. The Patriots are just…well the Patriots.

Dan: Patriots Win

Duncan: Panthers Win

Charlie: Patriots Win