Week 11 Power Rankings

So obviously there really no point in this as it is all staying in the same position…well, a man can dream.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

I really wanted to move them up, but unfortunately for the Jags, the Bucs also won. Great Defensive performance in last game

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Very luck to be even this high up, but it was a great win against the Dolphins.

30) Atlanta Falcons

This team have hit free fall and are now very close to the bottom.

29) Oakland Raiders

I hate having them this low, but they’ve really lost some form.

28) New York Giants

Could still make the Play-offs, especially since they seem to be playing teams at the right times.

27) Minnesota Vikings

Much improved now, but still look impotent on Offence at times.

26) Buffalo Bills

Great team, but they seem to find ways of losing.

25) Houston Texans

It’s so strange seeing all these ex-playoff teams down at the base of this list, but they just can’t seem to win, despite playing well.

24) Washington Redskins

Greatly improved. Still thought they can’t seem to get results.

23) Pittsburgh Steelers

A much better team now. Still work to do though

22) Arizona Cardinals

Good result this week, but will they get this lucky every week.

21) Tennessee Titans

2 reasons they dropped, 1) Loss to the Jags 2) Loss of Locker.

201) Miami Dolphins

This team could be in free fall with the loss of a serious chunk of their O-line.

19) Cleveland Browns

Bye Week. They move up considerably with a win against the Bengals.

18) Baltimore Ravens

Great result from this team and stand a pretty good chance against the Bears.

17) St Louis Rams

Great result this week. I think its a one off however and now they return to poor

16) Chicago Bears

Huge drop thanks to some important injuries.

15) New York Jets

Bye Week this week, so it remains to be seen if they can keep up their previous form and make the play-offs.

14) Cincinnati Bengals

Despite some silly mistakes, this is still a good team in the driving seat for the play-offs.

13) Dallas Cowboys

Finally losing faith in this team and it is 100% thanks to the Defence, which is awful.

12) Indianapolis Colts

They are in desperate need of a run game, but Richardson just can’t get it going.

11) Green Bay Packers

Former no. 1. I had to move them down thanks to all their QB injuries

10) San Diego Chargers

Bad result this week, but still a decent team challenging for the

9) Detroit Lions

Looks like they’ve taken control of the NFC North against a struggling Bears team.

8) Philadelphia Eagles

Seem to have really found their form and are gradually working their way up this chart

7) San Francisco 49ers

Still high up despite a poor result.

6) Carolina Panthers

Great Defence and Cam is playing out of his mind.

5) New England Patriots

Is Brady warming up? I guess we’ll see against the Panthers.

4) Seattle Seahawks

Proved they were for real, with the destruction of the Falcons after several close results against other teams.

3) Kansas City Chiefs

Still haven’t lost yet, which is ridiculously good, but face their first real challenge against the Broncos this week.

2) New Orleans Saints

Destroyed a lack lustre Cowboys team, will probably follow it up with a loss this week!

1) Denver Broncos

Really proved a point this week, but switch places with the Chiefs if they win.