Week 2 Part 2.

So due to a lack of time this week, this is really late. I do apologise, also as a result this will be 100% I promise quick fire. So get ready people, it will be over before you know it.

San Diego Chargers 33 Kansas City Chiefs 30

So quickfire…Phillip Rivers has re-found his form and a decent no. 1 Receiver in Eddie Royal. Danny Woodhead and Ryan Matthews are doing sterling work for the Offence. Defence needs to pull its socks up a bit but this team could be a lot better than people thought.

The Eagles Defence can’t keep up with the Offence, it is that simple. Offence continues to look sharp, but I’m still waiting for their first big mistake. Could take an awful Division.

Detroit Lions 21 Arizona Cardinals 25

Both teams continue to look pretty impressive, with the Cardinals coming out on top. The Lions will struggle with out possible signing of the season Reggie Bush, but will no doubt continue to put up big points. The Defence looks good, but somehow has seemed to allow a decent amount of points in both games.

The Cardinals looking good again and this time they come away with the win. Palmer continues to find Fitzgerald and Mendenhall is emerging as a solid back. Defence once again looks good but not unbreakable.

New Orleans Saints 16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14

The Saints prove they can win a low scoring game and that they are not a one player team, as Brees throws 2 interceptions, this Defence is much improved.

The Bucs have some serious issues (which I will talk about at some point), but it has left their season, seriously in doubt. I can’t see Freeman being a Buc next year, after having a total of 9 complete passes in this game. Secondary however had a pretty good game.

Denver Broncos 41 New York Giants 23

This years Manning bowl is clearly one-sided as Peyton outplays Eli. Broncos looked great spreading the ball about to a large no. of Receivers. If the Defence has injuries, it does show. These guys are awesome.

The Giants do have some injury worries and are clearly in for a rough season. Eli needs help, but I have no idea where it’ll come from.

Jacksonville Jaguars 9 Oakland Raiders 19

The battle of the 2 worst teams in the NFL and it ended with a clear winner and a clear loser. Yup the Jags are the worst team in the NFL. really not much I can say about this game, except, Darren McFadden is looking pretty good.

San Francisco 49ers 3 Seattle Seahawks 29

Did anyone see this coming? I didn’t. The Seahawks asserted their Dominance on their NFC West. Kaepernick had his worst game yet and the Seahawks Defence looked the most complete its ever looked. All in all a change of power in this division.

Pittsburgh Steelers 10 Cincinnati Bengals 20

So there has definitely been a change in power in the AFC North, with the Bengals looking like the clear favourites to go through. The Steelers have some serious issues that they will need to sort out to be remotely competitive

Featured Image: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images