Week 3 Predictions

Last week we added Jon to our numbers for the predictions, who came in and immediately caused a stir by predicting 10 games with Duncan. I was 1 point behind.

So the table is:

Duncan: 2

Jon: 1

Dan: 0.

Anyway on to this week.

Chiefs @ Eagles

Tough homecoming game for Andy Reid, can he take a home victory away from the Eagles?

Dan: Chiefs Win

Duncan: Chiefs Win

Jon: Chiefs Win

Packers @ Bengals

Close game here as one of the best QBs in the game, goes up against one of the best Defences.

Dan: Packers Win

Duncan: Packers Win

Jon: Packers Win

Browns @ Vikings

Both teams are struggling, but who is struggling less? Can the Browns survive without Richardson?

Dan: Browns Win

Duncan: Vikings Win

Jon: Vikings Win

Rams @ Cowboys

This is a game that I originally thought would be a walk over for the Cowboys, now I’m not so sure!

Dan: Cowboys Win

Duncan: Cowboys Win

Jon: Cowboys Win

Lions @ Redskins

The Lions are much improved and the skins are having some issues. A close game is looking less close.

Dan: Lions Win

Duncan: Lions Win

Jon: Redskins Win

San Diego Charger @ Tennessee Titans

A battle here between the surprise Offence & the Surprise defence this season.

Dan: Titans Win

Duncan: Chargers Win

Jon: Chargers Win

Buccaneers @ Patriots.

The Patriots have a chance to get their mojo back against an ailing team.

Dan: Patriots Win

Duncan: Buccaneers Win

Jon: Patriots Win

Cardinals @ Saints

The Cardinals have been looking much better than expected, but they are due a bump when they fall back down, that could be against this Saints Defence.

Dan: Saints

Duncan: Saints

Jon: Saints

Giants @ Panthers

This has the potential to be a very good game, with two teams that have glaring issues.

Dan: Giants Win

Duncan: Panthers Win

Jon: Panthers Win

Texans @ Ravens

Ravens could be in for a long day as they face another top rated side, with a number of injuries.

Dan: Ravens

Duncan: Texans Win

Jon: Texans Win

Falcons @ Dolphins

Another great game on the cards here with two very even sides.

Dan: Falcons

Duncan: Dolphins

Jon: Dolphins

Bills @ Jets

In this game we will discover who is the worst team in this division.

Dan: Bills Win

Duncan: Bills Win

Jon: Bills Win

Colts @ Niners

The Colts will show off new acquisition Trent Richardson against a Niners team that will look to improve from an embarrassing loss last week.

Dan: Niners Win

Duncan: Niners Win

Jon: Niners Win

Jags @ Seahawks

Yup. Not even close.

Dan: Seahawks

Duncan: Seahawks

Jon: Seahawks

Bears @ Steelers

The Bears are rolling, the Steelers…aren’t. They will however look to avoid embarrassment in this one, but still.

Dan: Bears Win

Duncan: Bears Win

Jon: Bears Win

Raiders @ Broncos

Wow another no brainer.

Dan: Broncos Win

Duncan: Broncos Win

Jon: Broncos Win.

So that’s it for the week, enjoy the games.

Featured Image: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images