Week 6 Power Rankings

3 teams are still undefeated, will they be the best teams in the league? Lets find out.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars

I don’t think they are the worst team of all time, they have some good pieces. But they are still the worst team in the NFL

31) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team is a mess, Schiano gone at end of the season.

30) St Louis Rams

They’re in free fall, a win to the Rams won’t help that.

29) New York Giants

Come on guys, seriously? Not playing Giants football. Big changes needed at Big Blue

28) Washington Redskins

I think they’re toothless, but no doubt RGIII will prove me wrong this week.

27) Pittsburgh Steelers

They’ve been close to a win, but the O-line and Big Ben’s inability to get rid of the ball quickly will cost them.

26) Carolina Panthers

Great D, shocking O

25) Minnesota Vikings

Could keep climbing if Peterson has found his running shoes.

24) Arizona Cardinals

They have a winning record, its not pretty but they’ve got it. Will always be kept out of the playoffs by the Seahawks and Niners.

23) Atlanta Falcons

This team is a total mess. They’ll get worse before they get better.

22) Oakland Raiders

Terrelle Pryor makes this team good. Otherwise they’d be much lower down here.

21) Philadelphia Eagles

Team has the potential to fall, but I’m interested in what Nick Foles will do with them.

20) New York Jets

Surprise! They have a really good team. They’ll miss out on the playoffs this year, but they’re definitely on the way up.

19) Buffalo Bills

Maybe should be lower? Especially without Manuel. Still love what they’re doing on the ground and on Defence, potential for a very good team here.

18) San Diego Chargers

I will chalk the Raiders game up as fluke for them, but if they keep losing and Rivers keeps throwing the ball to the other team, they’ll start to plummet.



Still love the D, don’t think it’ll take long for people to realise that Fitzpatrick might not be able to get it done. Kendall Wright looks good however.



When they’re good they’re very very good…

15) Detroit Lions

I still think this team begins to drop off, but they’re putting up a fight.

14) Baltimore Ravens

Another inconsistent team. When the injured players return, they could have a good team here.

13) Chicago Bears

Urgh, Pass rush people, oh and pick up a Blitz!

12) Cleveland Browns

Yup this high, I like this Defence this much, yup.

11) Houston Texans

This team will fall further there us no doubt, but they do still have some decent pieces.

10) Cincinnati Bengals

Best of a bad Division, I actually think they’re on a par with the Browns.

9) Dallas Cowboys 

I still love them, they put up 48 points against the Broncos, but Defence is habitually letting them down.

8) New England Patriots

Still not off the band wagon, I think they get better when the injured players start to filter back, although Wilfork was a huge loss.

7) Indianapolis Colts

Should maybe be higher, this team is set for big things this year.

6) Green Bay Packers

A 2-2 record won’t stop me putting a team I hate this high up, still think they’re very good.

5) Kansas City Chiefs

They’re here because the refuse to lose, don’t think they do anything in the playoffs, but I do think they make it.

4) San Francisco 49ers

Beginning to find their form again. Improved gameplanning has really impressed me.

3) Seattle Seahawks

Still got a great team despite a loss, they could fall down a bit if teams continue to expose their holes, but in general a great team.

2) New Orleans Saints

5-0 and in style. They’ve beaten some decent opponents and are incredible at game planning. Bravo Saints.

1) Denver Broncos

Made the Cowboys game look difficult but did enough to win, which is the important thing. I don’t think they go undefeated, but they will obviously have a decent record.

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Featured Image: AP Photo/Mark Zaleski